Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mail Call & Signs of Fall

Yesterday's mail brought two lovely gifts. The Postquard above was from Françoise , in Belgium (if only we could travel as easily as our little works of art do!). & the ATC below is from Granny Fran of Toad Haven. She says it's her 1st! I love them both, & they now live on my design wall, with little bits of art from around the world. It makes a great border.

Sunset last night as I was coming up the hill was lovely in the rearview mirror, so I stopped to take a photo.

I had also stopped down at the bottom of the hill to snap a picture of some of the trees that have turned to gold. It really feels like Autumn today. We are heading to Girdwood this evening to have dinner at the Double Musky, & spending the night down there at the Alyeska Prince Hotel. We had some points from our timeshare we needed to use up.

These last 2 shots are Aunt Ethel's neighbor's house. She has some nice flowers between thier 2 houses. We went to visit Auntie E today.


sue b said...

Nice postcard and ATC! The trees in my area have started to turn too and there is a definite chill in the air. Your Aunt Ethels neighbors flowers are gorgeous! Oh to have a green thumb like that...

Rian said...

I have been wondering about you up there and if fall has started to turn. Didn't this year go fast!