Thursday, November 09, 2006

Calendar Girls Meeting

This is my friend Jackie. She is one of the neatest women I've ever known. We had our Calendar Girls meeting at her house today. Jackie & her hubby Gene are going to be snow birds & head south to Texas for the winter. I am going to miss her a lot. She has been a friend & a mentor for me . I'm trying to convince her she should blog from TX. so we can keep up on what she's up to.

Gene participated in our meeting today, because we were playing with jewelry, which is his specialty. He used to make silver & gold jewelry. He helped us with making jump-rings,
& drilling with a dremmel.

I've come to the conclusion that we're all a bunch of Magpies, because we all collect lots of stuff!
I'm not quite done with the things I worked on there, I'll post them later when I'm finished.
When I came home, I HAD to take some pictures of the wonderland of crystals we have outside right now. We've had over a week of low temps, & no breezes. Eveything is covered with the snow that fell before the temps dropped, & crystals of ice have grown all over everything.
I thought the Cowparsnip made a lovely crystal flower.
The blanket of crystals cover everything.
When I brushed them off of my car on Monday, they just floated like delicate feathers, & made a fine crackely noise like corn flakes being poured, as they landed on the ground .
The dishwasher man came to repair the fancy dishwasher. Now it needs a new motor! So another couple weeks of waiting, GRRRRR! I think Meile should give a whole new dishwasher!
We stopped by & saw Aunt Ethel this evening, she's doing well.


Ali Honey said...

Love your snow photos and the stitched one you emailed. You're getting great inspiration from that cold stuff! Have you thought of looking at snowflakes under magnification to see the different and fabulous shapes...they could be good for stitch work too perhaps.

Fran├žoise said...

I don't like winter... But your pictures are sooo pretty!

jenclair said...

Cowparsnip / Queen Anne's Lace - beautiful even in the winter when covered with snow. I so enjoy your winter pictures. Glad Aunt Ethel is doing well.

diva of quilts said...

Looks like a fun get-together. The snow photos are great!

Rian said...

Pretty snow pictures. Love em! Speaking of Em, glad to hear she's doing well. I was wondering about her.

Granny Fran said...

I love your snow flower photos! Cow Parsley and Queen Anne's Lace umbrels are favoroites of mine even without crystals but the crystals are gorgeous. You need some reward for putting up with the cold.

Shelina said...

These snow pictures are so pretty. I've never seen any that looks like that.