Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday with Friends, Monday in bed


Dari 006 - Copy

Happy Birthday Sweet 16!!! My Dear GD Darian! We’ll see you soon!

jawan 001 

Yesterday we went to a beer tasting dinner.  We picked up our friends, & I became the designated driver for the return home, as I don’t care for beer any way. On the way to picking up Ellis, after picking up James, we had a small delay in traffic due to Mama moose herding her 2 youngsters across the road.

We got to the restaurant, & they started serving the beer & food pairings. It was 6 beers & 5 courses. I stuck with soda water for myself. The food tasted great, but by the 3rd course I couldn’t eat any more. I was feeling too full. I drove everyone home, & we got home around 1030. I started getting sick around 11, & spent over half of the night in the bathroom. Warren slept while I…. well you get the picture. I’m still not feeling well, but think I will probably live. I’m pretty sure I was poisoned, but can’t figure out way the DH didn’t get sick too. Oh well.

jawan 005

Next up in the studio is a small quilt which I hope to get done in a few days so then I can work on the next BIG one, belonging to Cyndi. I’m looking forward to that one. This one I hope will be fun & fast, but I’m a little worried about the frogs. They are fused on then hand stitched, & I don’t want to mess them up.

jawan 010

They are a little stiff, & I don’t want to make any mistakes, as ripping will not be an option. I’m going to doing some drawing on the photo first, & proceed with caution. Any tips from you out there?

jawan 011


quiltmom said...

Hope you are feeling much better Deb- it sounds like no fun after such a nice evening.
Happy birthday to your grand daughter.

Delighted Hands said...

I would say you got sick not food poisoned......sorry. My son got violently ill after the move, he blamed it on the pizza we ordered but the rest of us were fine-and that is the clue to viral not environmental! Hope you continue to feel better. As to the quilt, leave the frogs to their applique beauty and quilt around them. Fusible can be very unforgiving to quilt.