Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quilts, Old Trucks, & a quilting DVD Review

truk 025 
Yesterday I went to Seams Like Home to buy a new foot for my Bernina. I had forgotten that Friends of Pets was having their auction, so I was pleasantly surprised to have a nice little quilt show in the mall. I bid on a couple, but couldn’t wait until the end, because I had to get home to make dinner, so I didn’t get any of them. I snapped some pictures just to share here. The one above is by my friend Pam Harris.
truk 026 truk 027
truk 029 truk 030
This last quilt is one of Linda Beach’s quilts. She is one of our SAQA members.
 truk 007
The reason I had my camera with me was because I had wanted to stop & snap some pictures of these old trucks that had been calling to me every time I drove past them. I love rusty old vehicles! Is that weird, or what?!
truk 018
The other thing I wanted to talk about here, was some quilting DVD’s that I recently purchased. Sharon Schamber was here to teach for the ALCQ guild last month. I went to the free lecture, & it was entertaining. She did a trunk show, with a few of her spectacular quilts, & some of her “stipple” samples, & a few works in progress. She talked a bit about Astrology (which was amusing). Over all it was a nice evening.
I looked at her DVD’s for sale, & she had them bundled in 3’s. I really only wanted the “Corded binding” DVD, & she had it bundled with 2 other binding DVD’s, which I really didn’t need or want. I was also interested in her Dancing Feathers, but again, they were all being sold in bundles.  I had decided against signing up for her classes, & her Longarm Lectures were priced at $55.00 each, for two, 2-hour lectures. The price included the $15.00 DVD that went with the lectures. I decided to go on line & order the DVDs of the 2 lectures, plus the “Corded Binding” DVD. I have to say after watching all 3 I am glad I got the corded Binding, & I’m also glad I didn’t spend $110.00 on 4 hours of lecture.
The other 2 DVD’s are probably very good for a fairly new quilter, but for the money, I would recommend anybody (beginner or advanced), take an on-line “Quilt Whisperer” class with Carla Barrett . As far as learning feathers, I feel Kim Brunner’s “Feathers DVD” was a better learning tool.
  Please don’t misunderstand, as far as Sharon Schamber is concerned, I have nothing but admiration for her work. It is really beautiful, & spectacular, & I’ve never done anything that could begin to compare. I do strongly recommend her “Corded Binding” DVD.


Erin in MI said...

Thanks for the review Deb. I've been eyeing Sharon's Corded Binding dvd for a while now - it's good to know it's worth the money.

ajayan said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again
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Delighted Hands said...

Love the pic of the rusty trucks...we just don't see them around here! Glad you caught a mini quilt show quite by accident! Beautiful works!

Elizabeth of Online Fabric Store said...

Enjoyed these. I especially like the cat quilt.

Steph said...

Nice pics of the trucks.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Deb. I enjoyed seeing the lovely quilts. Thanks for sharing. Loved the olde trucks too. A Belated Happy Birthday to your son and hubby. Neat that their birthsdays are on the same day. Please have a look on my blog your won one of the pressies on my 4th Year Blogging Celebration. Hugs Judy

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I really like your old truck pics! There's a quilt in there for sure. But with the digital age, it would be impossible to make all quilts from all pictures.