Friday, October 29, 2010

Seattle Weekend


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We got to Seattle yesterday. We’re staying at the Camlin as we usually do when in the city. It’s part of the Worldmark properties of which we are owners. We’re here for our granddaughter, Darian’s 16th birthday party which happens this weekend.

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We walked up the street to Mexico Cantina at the Pacific Center, where we met the kids for dinner. Michelle had just gotten out of work, & Jon just got home from Finland, the last stop his latest Posies tour.

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I had a really nice salad. Food has always been good at this place.

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This afternoon Jon picked us up & took us over to the Gibson Guitar place, where Michelle’s art show is hanging.

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These 2 were my favorites in the show.

seatl 013 seatl 014

Probably because I love these colors so much. Like the trees in the city right now, all reds & yellows & oranges.

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We met Darian the pirate after school, & went to the Harry Potter exhibit. Of course they wouldn’t let us take photos inside, but it was fun & interesting for a Harry Potter freak like me to get to see all of these props & costumes from the movies that I love so much. Some of the textiles were really beautiful & I wish I could’ve taken close-up pictures.

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Before we left Anchorage, the weather forecast for Seattle was rain every day through the weekend.  They were wrong.

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Afterward we went back to the kids place & went to their local pizza place  for a nice dinner.  The salad & pizza were great. Now we’re ready to crash into our food comas. No hot tub tonight, we might drown!


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Delighted Hands said...

Glad you have having a good time......the art work is very good-nice of you to share the talent!

Steph said...

Glad you are having a great visit.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

How nice, your daughter's art exhibit, granddaughter's brithday and Harry Potter exhibit all in one vacation. Your granddaughter looks cute in her pirate costume. I loved the Potter exhibit in Chicago, too bad they don't allow photos.