Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Odds & Ends


truk 002

Broccoli  seems to be living the life…he sleeps as every cat does, about 20 hours or so per day. He really is liking his cat bed these days.  I think he heard Warren say we should get rid of it, because he hadn’t been using it.

Below is a future project. The top belongs to my friend Kathy Jolman. She wants me to quilt it. Here is my first attempt at sketching what I might do with it. Note that it is a rough sketch. I’m thinking snowflakes for those corner blocks. I’ll design 4 different ones by cutting them out of paper then stitching the design on the paper & tearing it away. Do you like it Kathy?

 KathyJ 003 

Thursday we’re heading down to Seattle for My DGD Darian’s 16th birthday party. It’s an Alice In Wonderland Tea Party. I have been shopping for our costumes, & making things for them. My DH will be the White Rabbit. We’ve ordered a top hat with bunny ears, & bunny slippers to be sent to Michelle’s. Today I went to the local Value Village & bought a vest for him, & made him a bow tie.  I’m going as the Queen of Hearts. I had talked to my hair dresser about spraying my hair red with the colored hair spray like they use at the Fair. She recommended I buy a cheap wig instead. She said I may be red until Christmas if I use the spray. VV had wigs for less than $5.00. I also both red fishnet stockings (I used to wear fishnet stockings all the time in High school!). I got red eyelashes too. I’ll post pictures when we get to the party!

litq 002

This last picture is something to do with my Fiberactions piece for next month. I’ve been having fun with it, & am very close to being finished. No there isn’t any air brush thingy! Stay tuned for the reveal in November!

litq 009

Last, I wanted to add this parody. Now please understand that I love the Twilight series, books & movies too, but I thought this was pretty funny. Enjoy.


Steph said...

hahaha that video was great! I love those books and movies too and that's the first thing poking fun at it that I actually like.

Broc sure does look happy in that pic. I can't wait to see the pics of you and Warren all decked out in your costumes.

Delighted Hands said...

Have fun at the birthday party-sounds like a great trip! The new quilt will be stunning as always!

The Calico Cat said...

Ahhh Broc we've missed ya!

I should mention to my cats that I have not seen them in their kitty pi in a while... (They fight over the cable box - aka hiney heater.)

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Oh my goodness, I love the quilting design, and I love the tree!! How you think of the designs I don't know. That's why your the master!
The birthday party sounds fun, looking forward to seeing the pictures!