Thursday, November 05, 2009

A New Challenge & Earth, Fire & Fiber at the Anchorage Museum

In my sidebar, you may notice a new icon. It's Fiberactions. I am very excited to be a part of this new challenge, & I hope you all will enjoy our journey as we travel through the next 2 years with our new challenges.
Yesterday my DH
 & I went to the Anchorage Museum to see the "Earth, Fire & Fiber" exhibit. I was able to take a few pictures to share with you. This doll above "Rah Syn God",  was made by Kenai artist  Karen A. Fogarty.
The beaded purse below is "Rooms" by Kate Boyan, from Homer.
This group of shield purses , were made by Monica  Jenicek Lyall of Anchorage.

Karin Franzen, from Fairbanks did these two spectacular quilts,
Pirouette 4 & 6.

Linda Beach, from Chugiak made this tree quilt, named "Tenacity".
Denise Gallup from Girdwood, did this mixed media piece,called "the History".These 2 Shibori scarves were made by Wendy Smith Woods, from Suton.Finally, I loved this small stressed felt piece by Ellen M. Anderson from Juneau. She called it "Minerality".


Delighted Hands said...

Some are really beautiful pieces; I especially like the nature ones-so detailed.

patstudio said...

beautiful. thanks for the tour of the museum.

Connie Rose said...

Wonderful work, Deb, thanks for sharing!

jenclair said...

Gorgeous pieces! I especially love the doll!

Steph said...

thanks for sharing the pictures

Megan Best said...

I did go through the exhibit while I was in Anchorage.....Very moving!
Thanks for the suggestion to go.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Deb. WOW, what incredibly works of art at the Museum. I especially loved the beaded purses and the quilts. Thanks so much for sharing them with us and taking us to your world. Hugs Judy

Anonymous said...

I reallly liked the piece by Ellen M Anderson from Juneau. I'm not finding a website with her any of you know if she has one?