Sunday, April 30, 2006

Procrastination Sunday

I went to a counselor once, who told me, "You shouldn't should on yourself", but here I am posting when I should be down in the studio working on the Barn Quilt.
I wanted to post the Postquard from Sandysue, it's the piece with the turquoise eyelash yarn on it. Very nice Sandysue, thanks so much for asking me to exchange, what fun!
The piece with beads is an ATC that I started 2 years ago, & finished yesterday, anyone interested in a trade?
Edited 5/4/06- Kay asked about the paint on the surface of this ATC. Mostly it's the painted dryer sheet scraps from the project I've got on my other stuff blog. The shiney gold streaks on the surface are gold pens for scrapbooking. I've taken a lot of things from scrapbooking supplies & used them in small art quilts. I think it's fun to play with all sorts of materials.


Denise said...

I'll trade, I am a beader in Ontario Canada, and given a little time, I can create something for you!

Kay said...

I love your ATC. Is it painted on top of the photo transfer? I'm not very knowledgeable about many of these techniques, and can just admire.

The dryer sheets are very clever also. Thanks for the interesting ideas.