Sunday, April 02, 2006

Details on the Barn Quilt

Here I thought it might rain yesterday, & when I went to pour my morning cup of coffee, the was a good 5 or 6" of new snow! Welcome to Springtime in Alaska!
I spent a few minutes trying to get some detail shots of the quilting I'm trying to do on this BARN quilt. I really hate stitching in the ditch, as it seems like such a hard thing to do really well (I am a perfectionist & have been labeled such since 1st grade). I really don't like it when a stitch goes astray & jumps the ditch, when I am trying to stitch in the ditch! I teach free motion quilting, & I hate marking on my quilts. That's something else I do very little of.

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Rian said...

I don't mark my quilts either. I just put down the needle and go. I listen to music, sometimes the Rolling Stones, sometimes Mozart, and let the music take me where it will. I'm with you--I hate popping out of a ditch big-time!