Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter Bunny Visit & ATC

I caught the Easter Bunny sneaking through my yard yesterday. I snapped his picture through my bedroom window.

Today I got this nice little prize in the mail. My ATC from Dale Anne. Isn't it lovely?

I also actually found a lawyer today who would discuss copyright issues, & she gave me some free advice, & told me what I had already determined that I wanted to do was more than fair, & if the lady doesn't agree, & settle how I say, then I can call her back & she will help me. Nice lady, & I think an artist herself.

What I am asking for is an annual fee to be paid for both 2005 & 2006, to reproduce my pattern & sell, in exchange I'll give her permission in writing that can be displayed with the purses, giving me credit for the original design. I've written & mailed the letter, & feel so much better now!

Oh & the other nice thing that happened today, I weighed in at WW, & I'm down 5.2 pounds! :~)


Dale Anne said...

THANKS Deb! I look forward to getting yours in the mail.

I'm glad to hear you found a lawyer who could give you some great advice.

Allison said...

This is a really successful ATC card. By that I mean I think it takes full advantage of its size...
Hearty congrats on the weight loss, too!