Friday, April 21, 2006

Am I thinking too deep?

I went to Barnes & Noble a couple of days ago, & bought these books. The View From the Studio Door was the reason I went looking. I'd seen several references to it on other artist blog's & thought it sounded interesting. I also decided I had to get Art & Fear, as the same author co-authored on that one, & I always like to read books in the order that they were written. I've started on that one, & so far find pretty interesting.

The Arts & Craft book was on the bargain table & cost almost nothing. It's a beautiful little book, full of wonderful photos of designs by people like William Morris , his daughter May Morris,& Frank Lloyd Wright & many more from the Arts & Crafts movement. I love these types of designs. I frequently refer to designs like these when I'm looking for inspiration for a quilting design. I will take a design I like & start doodling with my pencil, doing continuous line drawings, until I get a design I like that I can translate to a free-motion quilting design. Not a direct copy, but inspired-by. Now is inspired-by Derivative? I worry about being derivative.


Brenda said...

I first heard about "Art & Fear" when Judy B Dales referred to it in a talk at the Quilting Symposium in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2003. The extracts Judy referred to were so reaffirming and it really reinforced my life direction. A couple of years later, I bought the book and found many passages that I could relate to. I'm looking forward to getting into the "sequel" in due course.

Rayna said...

I pull Art & Fear off my bookshelf periodically, when I need a push. I am loving View also, although it is more philosophical and more of a companion piece than a sequel. I'm up to the part written for students, but even that might have a kernel in it - we'll see. Meantime, let me know when you're reading it and we can discuss it on my blog. I've invited the author to join the discussion and he's already left a comment.