Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Weeds are wild flowers in the garden of life.

This ATC came today from Jacqueline in the Netherlands. It's so much better in person than in a photo. Interesting layers & depth that just wont show here. I love it. Thank you Jacqueline!
This concludes today's fiber portion of my blog.
I looked out my studio window this morning, & a big red leaf called out to me. We've had a fairly wet summer so far, with very few really nice days, & today was BEAUTIFUL! So I took my camera & my Macro lens, & really stopped to enjoy the day, & its blessings.
The rhubarb had gone to seed unnoticed this summer.

Iceland Blue poppies have been blooming right along. They seem to be thriving on the neglect.

I few brave Forget-me-nots are still blooming.
& of course there are Dandelions a plenty.
It always amazes me how they turn to big puffs.
These Cats Paws do the same thing when they go to seed. I never knew we had them in the yard, until my DH didn't mow it.
The center on this one was almost purple in person.
I love Daisies.
The center fascinates me. What is it Fibonacci's Rule?

The Cowparsnip is huge. It towers way above my head.
The tightly packed blooms make me think of cauliflower.
This dead skeletal head from last summer, seems very Arachnidian to me.
Fireweed, my favorite is blooming by the hot tub.
It's such a happy color.
Look at it in close. Don't you just love those curls?
They say when the last blossom blooms at the top, the winter snow is only 6 weeks away.
Around the back corner of our garage still stands a remnant of days of old. I think it has charm, but am glad I don't have to use it.
This gnarled Birch shades the outhouse.
This shelf fungus grows on its base.
Bark is peeling, the contrast is sharp with the sun shining through the trees.
Old rusted chicken wire left over from the previous owner's chickens. I'm tempted to get out the tin snips, & try to use some for fabric dying. If I had 2 good arms I'd have done it already!
This Birch stands in the center island of our circle driveway. It's been beaten & abused by the elements, but still continues to live.
Our little cabin home, once had a well manicured yard, with lovely flowers & hanging baskets. It's taken a back seat to shoulder surgery, house repairs, & the deck project. I guess I can call this the "Before" picture. Maybe next summer we can take an after.
Our driveway looks more like a country 2-track.
Broc sat at the window, hollering at me the whole time I played out in the yard.
Hope you enjoyed my day as much as I did.
As far a a tutorial on fringe, I think Debra did one about a year ago.


The Calico Cat said...

"You should be paying attention to me." Says Broccoli.

Lovely photos...

Vicki W said...

Those photos are awesome!

jenclair said...

Isn't that rhubarb gorgeous? Well, all of the photos provide a lovely advertisement for Alaska!

Rian said...

Nice little tour. The Iceland poppies are beautiful--it all is. I have fireweed jelly in my cupboard. I miss Alaska.

Judy said...

Oh thanks for the lovely pictures..and only 6 weeks until snow.. wow..

MJAPA said...

Haha! Buddy dies the same thing when he knows I am outside. He just sits there and cries and cries. We had a yard sale a few weeks back and he made such a fuss people were asking what was wrong with my cat! I had to tell them that he suffers from separation anxiety.

Sande said...

Lovely flowers and photos. I feel like I shared a day with you!

Granny Fran said...

Such wonderful photos! My rhubarb did the same thing, after I made the strawberry rhubard jam, and I had to cut it back to start over again. I felt so guilty, Granny would not approve of letting it go to seed. It would be great to have fireweed in the yard. I wonder if those amazing blue Iceland Poppies would grow here in Hell's Annex?

Carol said...

The card is gorgeous. I love your photographs they are very inspirational.

Micki said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us. The photos are great.

Exuberant Color said...

I rarely see pictures of the blue poppies so this was a pleasant trip through your yard/garden. I love that red leaf too.

Waltraud said...

A great walk through your garden - wonderful.

Debra Spincic said...

Great flowers and so different from Houston flowers that it is fun to see them!

Congratulations on the new granddaughter too!!