Monday, July 09, 2007

Better Red Than Dead...

Yep, that's my motto.
One of the ladies at our guild wants blocks with something humorous about them, so I made this one for her. I made it with a challenge fabric from guild, that we were supposed to "do something " with. Killed 2 birds with one block!
I like the #12wgt Sulky cotton thread. It sews nicely, & has the look of floss about it. The purple flower is of course thread painted, which I will be writing an article about & explaining how to do it for Fiber & Stitch in February.

This is my e-book. I bought it because my laptop was getting slow from having so many pictures stored in it. The e-book holds up to 27,000 photos, so I dumped all my photos into it, & my computer is working much better now.
We finally got the computer component for our new desk. I still have the old computer on it, but hope to unload anything that I want to keep, on to disks, then I'll get rid of the old set up, & just keep the laptop.

The printer & tower fits inside.

This is a little ATC that I did today for a trade with Jacqueline.
This evening we went to a beer tasting dinner. Anyone who knows me well would think that was funny, since I don't drink beer. The other 3 people in my group drank my share. Food was wonderful, & I had 2 Americano coffees, plus water for my drinks. I think I could probably acquire a taste for beer if I really wanted to, but I have enough carbohydrate addictions (like chocolate, & cookies, cake, etc), that I just don't want to like beer too!
It was interesting having a meal this way, slowly over 3 hours, one course at a time, beer served between. We ate things I never would've ordered, like an oyster served with a creamy corn sauce, pork medallions, with a lovely sauce with beans & rice. Lamb, that didn't taste lamby. A sweet coconut creamy soup with ahi tuna, & a Heavenly dark chocolate creme brulee'. Yum!

The last word here...I just discovered out email account is being quarantined. We apparently have picked up a computer virus, or have "been compromised" somehow, so we can't send out emails but can still receive for the time being. I have to call tech support, but will have to do that
later. Maybe Wednesday.


Samantha said...

That is such a fun block- love that background fabric- it's perfect!

MJAPA said...

Hey! D & Jon went to see the new Harry Potter last eve. I asked how it was when they got home and D said, "Grandma is gonna LOVE It"
Haha. I got passes to the press preview through work, but it started when I was at the office that I why they went without me.

Rian said...

Oh, that tech stuff. Such a drag.

I need an eBook too. I tend to be very sloppy with my photos. I put them on disks, but...