Saturday, July 14, 2007

My take on Harry Potter Order of the Pheonix, & more

It's been a little bit of an odd week for me. I've gotten nothing done in the studio. I did go to the opening of Harry Potter OOP (movie #5), Tuesday evening. I actually saw it at 630pm, & again at midnight, thanks to some free tickets from my friend Mindy for the 630 show. I actually went with her husband & my friend Judy from work, then went to the MN show with my DH & Mindy & her 2 girls. The movie is getting good reviews, & I think it was better acted & beautifully filmed, but having just re-read the book, I was disappointed in how much further it had strayed from the book than any of the previous films. I also felt it was missing a couple of key points that should have been included. #1-Prof. Umbridge was much nastier in the book, & had admitted to setting the Dementors on Harry & his cousin in the book, but it wasn't mentioned in the movie. All she really admitted was that she "hated children", in the film.
The 2nd part that was glossed over but could have been explained in just a couple of lines, was how Ron, Ginny & Hermoine could ride Thestrals when they couldn't see them. It made no sense to my DH, who hadn't read the book. The rest I could live with.
So my review's worth seeing, but not cannon! Read the books!
Thursday I managed to make it to Calendar Girls. Always a good time. We discussed up coming challenges.
This beautifully framed photo, & the cook book (I LOVE Susan Branch cookbooks, I thought I had them all, but this one is new to me),

& this pair of socks came in the mail from my sister. No explanation, just a surprise package.
It probably came from an impulse after we discussed how much we love Autumn, & how I miss the mix of Autumn colors that I grew up with in Michigan.
On a sadder note, my friend Pat, from work lost her husband to cancer this week. Judy & I went & spent the night with her last night. Her daughter stayed the 1st night. Cully was 58 years old, & she'd married him when she was 18. She feels quite lost right now.I feel so bad for her.
I saw my Dr. on Friday. I get to start physical therapy next Wednesday. I've not looked so forward to exercise in a long time.
This evening I was going to go to an Irish Dance event, & heading down the road I got turned around. Doing 40 mph, a man & his dog stepped out into the road in front of me, & a car was coming head-on in the other lane. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting either him, his dog, or going head on into the next lane. There were kids on the bike path to the right, so that wasn't an option. When I got stopped I realized the reason he'd stepped into the road; there was a little girl (about 3 yrs) stepping into the road across the street, & was just missed by that oncoming car. I was so shook up I had to turn back & go home. It still makes me want to cry to think how close she came to being hit.

Oh, & BTW, my computer is now shielded & virus free.

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Rian said...

Oh my goodness, you must be terribly shaken. Thank God you didn't hit anybody. Sorry to hear about your friend. How sad. I am 58 and I have a lot of unfinished business, I'm sure he did, too.