Saturday, February 10, 2007


Helen Suzanne tagged me for this....

People who get tagged need to write ablog entry of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly.In the end, you need to choose6 people to be tagged and list their names.Don't forget to leave a comment that says you have tagged them in their comments & tell them to read your blog.

At first I was thinking that I had a hard time finding 6 weird things about me, but when I started to jot things down I realized there are a LOT of what the average person would think was weird, but seem just perfectly normal to me because that's just how I am.

I think I should do it as a count down, so........

# 6--When I was a child I often slept outside in the back of our station wagon, parked in our driveway. I would lay with my head & pillow on the open tailgate watching the stars for UFOs.
I believe there are aliens out there, somewhere.

#5--I am full of Catholic guilt, but have only once been inside a catholic church when I went to a wedding there. We were raised protestant, but my mother attended a Catholic girls school in Chicago, & I think that's where it all started.

#4--When I eat a Milky Way Bar, I like to eat all the chocolate 1st, then the nougate, then the caramel. I don't eat them very often, & when I do, it's never in front of any one else, other than maybe my DH.

#3--I have had several precognitive dreams. The oddest one involved a swing, a railroad track & a giant icecream cone, & it all came true about a month after I dreamed it.

#2--When I was little I slept in a crib & I used to hallucinate during the night when I wanted water. I remember seeing a faucet & a cup above my bed, & reaching for it to get a drink, & have it disapear. I also thought a bear lived in the closet & it talked to me at night. Later I realized it was my father's snoaring that I used to talk to.

#1--I think this is probably the weirdest thing about me. I love to read, & re-read my favorite books, & my most favorite are JK Rowlings Harry potter books, & Madeline L'Engle's "Wrinkle In Time " series. I've lost count, of how many times I've read them all. Every time another HP book or movie comes out, I re-read the books to have them fresh in my mind. & I've watched the movies so many times that my mind often slips into a Brittish accent!

I could've made this list twice as long, but I think this is enough of a confession to my weirdness.
Now I think I'll tag my family as they have to continue to love me no matter how weird I am, so.. Michelle, Melodie, Leilani, Marcy (hmm, Brandon doesn't blog so much), so lets see....
Hey Granny Fran, & Rian, anyone else? Wanna play along?

For some weird reason I can't imbed links on these names. My linker button isn't working today!


Rian said...

Okay, I'll play (thanks a LOT!) ;-)

Marcy said...

I can do that play so I am typing in my blog Now It's Really Cool! love ya!

Melodie said...

I don't know about this! The only weird thing about me is that I'm so much like your DH!
Ok........I'll give it a shot!!

MJAPA said...

OK- I'll do it. I don't know if I do anything "weird" though
HAHAHAHA! Sorry, I could not even type that with a straight face.

Kay said...

I don't think the re-reading is weird. I've got a list of books I've read over and over, too. I wonder how many people do that.

Granny Fran said...

I might have a hard time limiting it to only 6 weird things.

Granny Fran said...

I forgot to say, that I reread certain books also. Every so often one of them just calls to me and I have to dig it out and read it again.

Provident 360 said...

In my opinion, UFOs in the Bible are angles and are referred to as a cloud, fire, star, etc.