Friday, June 02, 2006


Look at this cool stuff above, I got it at the bead store yesterday, it's metal ribbon. It's smooth & slinky feeling, it comes on a role, & it's tubular, so you can put rocks or beads, or whatever else you want inside it. It can be knotted or sewn. I can't wait to think of something fun to do with it.
I also bought the blue round & fish beads to complete this needle case above, to give to Sharyn Craig, who is here teaching for our guild this weekend. I worked today & am on call part of the weekend, so won't even get to meet her, but offered to donate it for the little thank you gift we always give the teachers.
These 2 ATCs arrive in yesterday's mail from Francoise from Belgium, & Liz from the UK. What fun to get such pretties in the mail! You know, my very first word was "Pretty". I was 7 months old, & I liked the Christmas tree, my mom said I would look at it & point & whisper, "pretty".

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