Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Quilted Purses

During my last purse class, these are what I worked on to demonstrate the construction process. The above photo shows the side that is made using a Caryl Bryer Fallert fabric line, Glacier Park. Below, on the reverse side is one of the fabrics I painted with dye in my Ann Johnston workshop during the 2006 Alaska Fiber Festival.

This was a small size sample of the envelope style purse, which I decided I don't like the reverse on, so will leave it one sided, & if my grandaughter Darian likes it, I'll give it to her. She will be here tomorrow, along with my daughter Michelle, & her rockstar husband Jon. Jon has been to Anchorage to play with his band several times, but never got to play tourist, so this next week, we'll be showing him a little bit more of Alaska, while he fits in 2 shows, & one day in a recording studio in Girdwood, with one of Michelle's old friends.
On Saturday before the class, I had gone over to the Botanical Garden Sale, only to realize it's not for another week, so I stopped of at the local Alaska Bead Comapany, to se what fun things I might find there. I ended up with several Aurora Borialis crsytals (a personal favorite for their lovely sparkles), & these 2 glass lampwork beads by artist Elise J. Strauss. I think they need to go on some special purses.


diva of quilts said...

beautiful purses! wonderful fabric!

Rian said...

Oooh, more beautiful purses!!

Where will you take Jon for touristing? Salmon fishing? The chocolate fountain at Wildberry? I seem to get taken there every time I am in Anchorage so I assumed it was the major draw...What kinds of things will you see? Inquiring minds want to know!

Jules said...

The purses are incredible. I especially the the second one intended for your granddaughter.

I'll admit, for a second I thought, her son in law is Jon Bon Jovi!!!! Then I came to my senses, clicked on the link and listened to his music. I like it!

emmyschoonbeek said...

wonderful purses I love the colors

Kay said...

I love the purses! And the crazy quilt work is beautiful too. I may get inspired to go back to embroidery is I keep looking at this beautiful stuff long enough!