Monday, June 26, 2006

Halibut Fishing Seward, Alaska

Captain Bob directs Michelle & Jon, on the finer points of pulling up a halibut. It wasn't the best day fishing. We got 6 smallish halibut (one 65 pounder was pulled up by Michelle, only to have the captain get excited & gaff the metal swival, breaking the line & losing the fish). Both Michelle & Darian got seasick, but have survived the trip & are doing well now. Darian pulled in the first & largest fish, a Lingcod, which weighed about 70 lbs, & is good to eat, but had to be returned to the deep, because they aren't leagal until July 1st!
We all passed out on the ride back in to Seward, after a day on the water.
I love this shot of Michelle & Jon at the campground, where we spent the night.
Darian & Michelle, peeking at me through a metal sculpture, in Seward.

& yes Rian, after we ate the best brunch on town at Sourdough Mining Company, Sunday morning, we ran across the street & looked at the chocolate waterfall, & goodies at Wildberry, but we were so full from brunch, we weren't tempted by any of the candy. I tried getting a picture of the kids at the waterfall, but a little Asian man kept getting between us. It was a fun weekend, & my friend Panna is working for me tomorrow, so I get to play hookie another day!


Rian said...

Looks like you're having a great time! Too bad the captain lost the halibut! Must be chilly there--I see the long pants and windbreakers.

Elle said...

What a fun time! Looks cold?

Belinda said...

very cool photo's looks like you had a blast