Tuesday, June 06, 2006

ATC & Work Rant

I haven't been home much lately. I've been at work, & visiting Aunt Ethel when I have a break, so haven't gotten much accomplished. This nice little package came in the mail from Helen Suzanne today. It is a stunning ATC, & so is the handmade paper card that she sent it in. It is wonderful. What a sweet lady!
Below are a couple of details of the Crazy Clock that I'm making for my studio wall. This little bit of hand work is the only thing I've been able to work on, in the 20 minutes that I sat at Aunt E's bedside yesterday morning before I had to go punch in, & she was asleep.

Here comes the RANT... I left work early today. I had arranged for another nurse to split my shift so I could go home & clean the carpet in Aunt Ethel's room, before I have my company come over on Thursday morning. I won't be able to do it on Wednesday, because I'm on call & will work all day, & likely late into the night. The nurse that replaced me, is a guy, who lets say, just doesn't work in the same gear as most of us girls do, & the Call girl today was mad at me for leaving . She said "Thanks a lot Deb!", quite loudly, even the poor patient I was taking care of, who had just gotten the diagnosis of lung cancer, & his daughter looked at me, with a "What's wrong with her?" expression on thier faces. It didn't matter to her, that the last time she was on call, I stayed late so she didn't have to work with a less experienced nurse when she had a critical patient, or that last Friday, I was scheduled to go home at 6pm, & I let her go instead because she was tired, & I stayed late. Nor did any of us ever say a word of complaint when she had to leave for family reasons. Sorry for the rant. I kept it at the bottom, so if you only want to look at quilty stuff, you wouldn't have to read this.


KCQuilter said...

Love the piece you are working on--you do such beautiful work! Sorry about the work situation--people do have conveniently short memories!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Get it all off your chest, Deb! That's what blogs are for. They help us get rid of our negative stuff so we can on with being nice people. Unfortunately,co-workers probably haven't blogged.