Friday, June 16, 2006

Back On Line

Well, we have been busy, & I haven't had internet access since Tuesday, so haven't been able to blog or read email, or anything! I really missed it. You can only do so many games of Free Cell before the mind becomes complete mush! The picture above, is the wedding card for my niece who got married last weekend. We had planned to go to the wedding, as Warren was going to walk her down the isle, but Auntie Ethel's illness put a stop on those plans. We will get to see them soon though, because they're coming to Alaska next month for thier honeymoon, & will be using our van, & staying here when ever they want to. We are going to take them halibut fishing for their wedding gift.
Here's a glimpse of my crazy clock, that I'm carrying with me this summer. I have gotten a little more done with visiting Aunt Ethel in the hospital, then yesterday I took it to her Dr. appointment with me, when I took her to see the plastic surgeon for her skin tear on her arm. He asked me if he could commision a couple of pieces for his office. I'm excited to do them for him. The rooms a plain beige, & the space is nice. I need to talk to his wife to see what she wants there, then will start planning.

Right now the Lupine are blooming all along the roadside. I stopped last night & snapped this picture. I love how wildflowers paint the roadsides here, & each month there's something different.

We had more bears in the yard yesterday morning. A sow with 3 cubs came through while I was drinking my morning cup of coffee. Unfortuanatly the camera was downstairs & they were moving pretty fast, so I just got to enjoy watching them. The cubs are so darned cute!


Barbara C said...

Congratulations on your commission! That's very exciting.

Rian said...

Isn't it wonderful when people ask you to make stuff for them? And pay you for it? Very nice...

I love how you post these bright sunny pictures and say you took them "last night." Having been in Alaska around this time of year, I know how bright it was "last night."

Welcome back online and congrats on the commission.

Ali Honey said...

Well Done . How exciting. I love the blue lupin and don't they smell so good!

Deb H said...

Gee Ali, I'm not sure the Lupin here have any scent! I've never noticed any.

& Rian, yes this was late evening, & the sun was still quite bright. I had told Ali that it was up here, when she was wishing it would come down there to dry out her Kiwi crop!

Lei Lei said...

Hi Aunt Bee, my wedding card is beautiful!! I dont know if I was supposed to see it yet, but... Also, thank you ahead for taking us halibut fishing. You had said before you were sending us for a gift, but I didn't know you were coming...that's even better. I cant wait. See you soon, love ya!