Saturday, June 07, 2008

Well I zipped that comfort quilt off & folded it away. This is the back side of a Trapunto top I started ages ago. My own design.
It's only about 20" square.
I decided to see how detailed & small I could get with Lily. The other thing I am experimenting with is the thread. It's Sulky Holoshimmer Ruby red. It's working beautifully. I am very happy with it. The white thread you see is a wash-away thread, so when I'm all done, I'll wash it & all that will be left is the red sparkles.
We took a run up the mountain to my friend Mary's today. She gave us some baby Alder bushes to plant in our back yard. Ours were decimated when the big equipment came in to raise up the cabin & build our basement foundation. We miss the privacy they gave us.
Mary's house is near the top of our mountain. Her view of the inlet is pretty spectacular.
She had some clematis starting to fill out & bloom.
Afterwards we went downtown Anchorage to have dinner at Simon & Seafort's. We don't usually do downtown in the summer months, due to too many tourists, & long waits at the restaurants, but today we got there early enough, the wait was only going to be 10 minutes, or we could sit in the bar side. There was a nice table in the bar, & since there's no public smoking anyway, the bar was great. I had a Pomegranate Lemonade to drink ( very unusual for me to drink anything with calories). It was Sweet-Tart & good)! Dinner was very good too. I had fresh caught King Salmon with a garlic-herb butter.
This was the view through the window by our table. That's Sleeping Lady, or Mount Susitna.
After dinner we took a short walk to the observation deck looking out over the Cook Inlet. Captain Cook looks out over the water named after him.

It's been a nice day here in Anchorage.


Sue B said...

Deb you live in such a beautiful part of the country, some day I hope to get to see it myself in person. Love that little trapunto quilt - very cool!

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful pictures!

jenclair said...

A beautiful little quilt! I love the intricacy and can't wait to see the final presentation.

What a remarkable view to wake up to each morning. Mary is a lucky lady.

Micki said...

Your trapunto piece looks fabulous. Beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing.

Rian said...

You are really doing smashing things with Lily--you're a natural. I am still trying to "get small" with Godzilla, unlike pushing the quilt where I can do tiny detailed work, I can't do it pushing Godzilla.

Thanks for the tour--I am jonesing for salmon!

mindy said...

You sure it isn't Puntillo? I wonder what puntillo is since I keep having that word pop into my head when I see Trapunto.

Porcupines and dirty socks....I'll never get that out of my head.

You two are so much fun to hang with.

Ali Honey said...

That was a lovely post and photos Deb. Lily sure is a goer!

We have places names after and by Capt Cook too, he did lots of discovering and mapping down here too.

Megan Best said...

I am SO impressed with your quilting!

Lily is so good with you driving her.
I can't wait to see what you can cook up next.