Friday, June 06, 2008

ALCQ Guild Show & Tell

I went to quilt guild yesterday, & promised I would post the Show & Tell, so here it is...
My friend Mary Lee modeled her new jewelry that Jackie & Gene Carley picked up for her when the were on vacation.
Mary showed her donation for this years small quilt auction.
& Another quilt she just finished.
My sister would love this next one.
Linda made a "Turd-le quilt" for her son. When he was first learning how to write he tried to write turtle on a piece of paper, & was told by his teacher to "sound it out". He only got "TURD" written & the bell rang, & when he took his paper home, Linda wanted to know why he had written "TURD" on the paper...hence the inspiration for this quilt.

Delberta was her prolific self....1
This is Glenda.
Who is that masked quilter?Oh , it's Margaret.
This is for an auction too.
Lavonne Deboer is working on clam shells.
President Kay.
Elaine with another auction quilt.
That's it for Guild show & tell. Next is my handwork piece for this summer, & maybe the next year or 2. I arranged pieces of the fragile silk beaded cloth on to the batik background, then pinned them in place. That's what the little yellow dots are, pin heads. I'll work on tacking it all down then over lay with tulle. after that I may add more stuff, photo transfers, or something else, & turn it into a variation of a crazy quilt eventually.
As far as work in the studio. I've come to a screeching hault tonight. I'd been working on a large comfort quilt. I loaded it on Tuesday evening. Wed. we had dinner company, & she wanted to see the studio & Lily. She wanted to see how the rollers worked, I turned them, but they were dragging, & I couldn't see from where I was standing, why. Well the next morning when I went in to get started quilting, I realized the batting had gotten hung up underneath, & was torn. I patched it, & thought I had everything back in place, but after several HOURS of quilting, I realized the back now has pleats & ripples. Even though it's a comfort quilt, I can't finish it like this, so I've taken it off, & folded it up for now. When we go to a cabing for fishing this month, I'll take it along & unsew everything, & start over fresh later.
So another lesson learned, & the good news is, my feathers are getting really good!


mindy said...

You described this on the phone tonight and it really didn't sink in til I checked the blog. Bummer.
Unsewing is no fun.:-(

Lots of quilting going on...thanks for sharing the show and tell.

Rian said...

Your feathers ARE getting good. Fabulous, in fact!

Melodie said...

The show and tell is fabulous!! Now tell me where did Pooh and the gang come from? Is it a panel? It is a hoot!! I really like Delberta's #3 too.....looks like something I'd do!
Your quilting on Lily is fabulous!! Wish I could go fishing with I could play with fabric!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

You have a very talented guild. Feathers are my favorite-it's like painting.

Granny Fran said...

I just love reading about all the experiments you are doing, and looking at the photos.
I've always love Clamshell quilts, I assume she is sewing it by hand.

Gaia Quilter said...

I'm looking forward to following the progress on you "summer" crazy quilt. I believe you gave me a piece of the beadwork, I love it. Your feathers are looking great. I would never waste my vacation or any time ripping out the stitching on that quilt, throw it away. It would be quicker to start over. I fly home tomorrow, I'll make it just in time for Melissa and her boys to come home for camping for 2 weeks! They are very excited.