Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Day

Last night I whipped together the Muslin vest to try on & fit Hope for her Irish Dance dress. She'll come over this weekend to try it on. My goal is to get the dress done before my surgery next month, or sooner if possible. She's leaving town for a competition in Nashville soon.

Today the weather seemed to get out of the Purgatory I mentioned yesterday, & felt like a perfect Alaskan summer day today. The sun was hot, but there was a light breeze that carried the cool kiss of the snow from the glaciers deep in the mountains behind us. It was lovely. I used my birthday gift (above) from Ilene & Stu to take a couple of self portraits.

That hair hasn't seen a hairdresser in 3 months! Time for an appointment. The chewing of the lips is how I always sew. It's part of how I concentrate!

I love working on this piece. I'm running the bead needle through several beads at a time then sewing through to the back to stabilize it. I'm going to switch from straight pins, to safety pins though. the straight pins kept falling out & poking me as I worked. I love the Boohoogie hoop. The bungee cord on it is easy to work with, & gentle on my fragile silk.

I ended up removing all of my rings from my side bar, because I couldn't figure out how to switch them over so that they would work again. It's very frustrating when Blogger takes something that was working just find & messes it up. Am I alone in this frustration?


Vicki W said...

Your beading is lovely!!

jenclair said...

Oooooo! Gorgeous, Deb!

Melodie said...

I thought that business with the side bar was something I did!! That piece is cool!

mindy said...

That beadwork is incredible.
We almost came up tonight after geocaching STRAIGHT up and agonizingly down a mountain in Rainbow Valley....was going to 'borrow' your hottub after sliding on my tush most of the way down.
We'll get Hopie up there tomorrow if you're home. :-)

Gaia Quilter said...

Love your beadwork piece, wish I was sitting on your deck with you! Miss you.

Emmy said...

wonderful beading and a wonderful place you are sitting