Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fishing Weekend on the Kenai River

See that splash? That was a fish. We stopped on our way down to the B&B (thanks goodness we did), & Warren fished for about an hour.
He caught one very fresh, red salmon. 3 or 4 dinners worth of fish for us.
Then we went to the B&B. It was 2 twin beds. Nothing fancy. The bathroom next door was shared with a couple of quiet kids. Their water smelled & tasted of a strong sulphur mixed with iron. I gagged the first time I brushed my teeth there. I used bottled water after that. I also went to the beauty shop in Soldotna & had my hair shampooed & cut so I wouldn't have to shampoo in their water. UGH! Oh, & I think the B&B stood for Beds & Bathroom, because no breakfast... not even coffee was served. I went to Fred Meyers in Soldotna & bought bottled water, coffee, bran muffins, new pillows, & 2 little portable lights so we could read in bed & not have to get up to turn off the only light in the room, & made it through the rest of the weekend. It was cheap, so you get what you pay for!
Warren fished every day, & caught nothing but one very large Rainbow trout that couldn't even be taken out of the water for a picture. It had to be released immediately. Good thing he got the Red on the first day.
I enjoyed the scenery. Notice how the Forget-me-nots match the river color.
We discovered a brand new brewery in Soldotna. The St. Elias Brewing Co. They served really nice food & the beer drinkers in the crowd said the beer was good too.
I liked the stained glass light fixtures,
& the food too. This was the 2nd time we ate there, we met up with Ellis & his son Andrew, & 2 nurses from the hospital who were fishing with the guys.
The lake that our B&B was on was beautiful . The water was so still. I heard a loon calling every day. I love that sound.
I tromped around the lake a bit. Taking pictures of whatever caught my fancy. I love the moss hanging from the dead spruce.

Fungus really appeals to me for some strange reason too.
The end of the lake where the loon hung out most of the day, was full of waterlilies, not quite in bloom yet.

There were probably about 10 houses on this little lake, & 2 of them had float planes parked out front.
The B&B had a canoe, which I was told I was welcome to use, but wasn't given a paddle!
I stepped outside & took this picture at midnight on Solstice. The sky was pink, & it reflected in the water, but didn't show very well in my photo. Now it'll start getting dark again.
Out final day, we left early for home. It was chilly & rainy.
Just the kind of weekend that really makes you appreciate HOME!


Allison Ann Aller said...

That pink water must have been incredible..the photo does give a hint of it.
Guess you won't be staying at that place again!

My DH is up in Kodiak as I type this and pulling in the halibut. It is $22/lb fresh down I am psyched!

The Calico Cat said...

Beds & Bathroom - now that is funny!

Smiles! Becca said...

Too bad you werent going to be here this weekend, Robins Place annual show will be thursday-sat. Glad you had a good trip tho!

Gaia Quilter said...

I guess what you paid for was the view, and it looked wonderful. All of the pictures were beautiful.

jenclair said...

Love the forget-me-nots and the other photos. The scenery was lovely. Bed & Bathroom, indeed!

Elaine Adair said...

While accommodations may not have been plush, your photos of the plush landscapes and views are wonderful. And fungus? lichens? they really ARE interesting - I liked them.

Granny Fran said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your gorgeous vacation. I guess I could enjoy Alaska in the summer. Those lichens are incredible. I've done wool dying with common lichens that grow in the mountains behind Boulder. A lovely soft terracotta color with a nice scent that stays in the wool. I wonder if all lichens can be used for dying.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

We stayed at the Princess cruise lodge up above the Kenai river. I had the best fried cod fish there. Tried the wild salmon, a bit strong for me, but my daughter loved it.

BLP said...

Looking at the photos really makes me miss Alaska. I can't wait to come back and catch and eat some fresh sockeye and to breath in some of that fresh cool mountain air.