Saturday, May 03, 2008

Yesterday evening, as I was leaving my house to go to Kathy & Judy's show opening, then to the Marci Tilton lecture, I had checked the thermometer to see what sort of jacket I should wear. It was 61 degrees, & these 1st 2 pictures are what my yard & pathway looked like. I carried a sweater, but really didn't need it. It does amaze me though, that snow can still survive with air temps that warm.
Kathy & Judy's opening was a great success. There were a ton of people there. When I got over to the church where the Marci Tilton lecture was going to take place, I was delighted to see that the daffodils had opened up, literally over night. When I went there on Thursday for guild they weren't yet blooming.
Ahhhh, it's good to see a little spring actually happening!
I love the daffodil. It's such a happy little flower!
Marci's lecture was really interesting. I learned some hints on handling knit fabrics that will come in handy on the next Irish Dance dress, as it's a knit that Hope has chosen for the dress.
Marci uses a lot of silk chiffon's, & layers her clothing much the same way I've been layering parts of my quilts for the past few years. I really enjoyed her, & wished I could spend some more time with her, but didn't sign up for the classes, & they are full.
This piece below is a close up of some hand embroidery & bead-work she did on a beautiful coat.
I was tickled to see her face when she opened up her gift neck purse, that I'd made for her. She looked genuinely thrilled, & put it right on. I like to use tone for travel, to carry thread, & needles, & thread cutter. It's also handy for your ID.
Today I practiced again on feathers on the longarm. I think I'm getting a little better each time.
but still having learning challenges. Can you tell what's wrong with the next picture?
Oh well, live learn, & practice.


mindy said...

That feathering looks great to me!

The last picture "Can you tell what's wrong.."

It kind of looks like you wrapped/scrolled a layer on top of another layer thus quilting two together?

mindy said...

and the daffodils are wonderful!!!

Vicki W said...

Now you can learn how to piece additional backing wile the quiltis still loaded!

Melodie said...

You're Springing at the same time we are!
Loni & I were sitting outside on the deck this morning while I drank my first cup of coffee. It was toasty in the sun and our of the breeze.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Those are great feathers. Springtime in Alaska is almost as nice as Springtime in

Gaia Quilter said...

I'm not familiar with Marci? Is she a fiber artist, quilter? I loved the beadwork on her jacket.
Your feathers are looking great, are you enjoying yourself yet?

Rian said...

Okay, I give up. What's wrong?

Rian said...

Wait, I think I see it! Not enough backing and you put it on upside down!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely daffodils!