Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Synvisc & Spring Chicken

I worked all day on Mother's day. There were 5 emergency surgeries in our little hospital. Yesterday I gorked out most of the day. I quilted on Dori's whole cloth piece, but still have about 2-3 more hours of work to do on it.
Today I worked an 8 hour shift. Tomorrow I'm quilting again!
I'm supposed to be getting Synvisc injected into my right knee. It is made from cocks combs. That red thingy on the rooster's head. Yep, chicken cartilage. I already walk kind of funny, so it can't make that any worse. The insurance was slow to approve it, so I won't get started until next week. It has to be injected once a week for 3 weeks. Something to look forward to!
The rooster above was a Maggie Walker pattern, that my friend Mary Lee did the applique', & I did the quilting. It won an Honorable Mention at APNQ 2004. I hate to post without a photo, & I didn't take my camera with me today. I know it's a stretch, but hey, I'm trying!
Speaking of spring chickens, I'll be turning 54 soon, & my youngest child Corey's girl Tasha turns 24 this week. We decided to go out to dinner with them (Corey & Tasha), to celebrate, Mother's Day & our birthdays, & say good-bye to Corey for the summer, as he works up in Nome most of the summer months. It was also a good excuse to eat at the Glacier Brewhouse one last time until the summer is over. We don't go there in summer, because tourists pack the place so full, there's 1 1/2 hr waiting to get a table. Dinner was great. We had a good time talking with the kids. Corey wants us to take a trip to Nome to go fishing some time this summer. Apparently that's all he does in his spare time up there, & knows all the best places to fish. He also thinks we would enjoy the history of the town, & the little Wyatt Earp's wife's museum.
On the way home this evening, I noticed the trees along the Seward Highway now have little tiny bright green leaves on them, that weren't there this morning on the way into work!
As we were driving up our hill, there was a moose eating freshly sprouted grass along the side of our street. He was so into it, it didn't bother him when we drove past just a few feet away.
Ahh, spring, it must finally be here!


Sue B said...

That rooster piece is gorgeous. I hope these new injections bring you some relief Deb.

Nanc said...

Hi Deb,

I'm glad you're going to get some help with your knee. I sure hope it relieves the pain! I'm heading back to Alaska tonight and am anxious to see everyone. Sounds like Spring has sprung up there....yea!!

Lei Lei said...

Yesterday, you 'gorked' out, and now you're going to 'strut' your stuff like a rooster....Wow! Miss you Aunt Bee!!

Zoey said...

I love that rooster piece.

One of my friends has had her second injection of that "chicken fat" as she call it. She says it is really helping so I hope it works the same for you.

I've been a long time lurker and thought I'd just pop it to give you some positive reinforcement about synvisc.

Karoda said...

The only pattern I've ever completed was one of Walker's angels that I gave to a dear friend. I like her patterns a lot.

good luck with the results of the knee injections!

mindy said...

You do realize that one of the side effects of Synvisc is that you will wake at sunrise and crow?

You and Warren should go to Nome with John...he realy needs to get back up there and see how much IcyView has grown in 26 years since he's been there.

Gaia Quilter said...

I hope the injections work, a little pain relief would be nice. The rooster is beautiful. Fishing in Nome sounds wonderful, I hope you get there.

Ali Honey said...

Good Luck with the knee! You may become a little cocky but that won't matter. I really hope it eases the pain.( sorry we are all making silly comments about it ) I was intrigued to go to the Nome site as I know a little of it's history from reading Michener's "Alaska," book, with all the History of your country. You live in an amzing place - so very different from where I live.

Granny Fran said...

Well, when I suggested the lubricating shots to you, I had no idea that Synvisc is made from cock's combs. Fascinating! I think I am due for another round of those shots. I love that gorgeous cock quilt.
Gee, all I get are skunks, squirrels, raccoons, and stray cats in my yard. A moose could wreak havoc in my gardens with his big feet.