Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring Day & QOV

It was a spectacularly sunny day today. Warm & beautiful all day. The leaves are starting to pop up here now. Soon everything will be green. I wanted so bad to stay outside on the deck, but had indoor chores that HAD to get done today.
The Birch next to the deck is starting to green too.
I promised Warren I would make bread. He had to slum it this week with store-bought bread, poor baby. The sunny kitchen window was the perfect spot for raising the dough.
While down in the studio working on Lily, this big guy walked right by my windows. I ran to the back door to catch him walking away. Don't you love the little Bullwinkle rack? I'm sure it will be huge by fall. This was a BIG bull.
I've been working on a Quilt of Valor. Debra sent it to me when I volunteered to quilt one.
I'm pleased to say that Lily & I are getting better. She seems to be moving a little smoother, & I'm starting to get the hang of things. I'm actually going to do a customer quilt next!

I actually made 2 of these red star blocks, over a year ago, & Debra included them with this top. They came back to haunt me! After doing the tight grid for the background, the stars popped out quite a bit. I plopped a red button in the center of each of them, & did just a little decorative hand quilting in the the centers of each of these red stars. I really enjoyed the process of this whole quilt.
Now all it needs is binding & a label!

I stitched the words "Thank You" over & over in the plain black border.


Sue B said...

Love that quilt Deb, great colors in that. I can't believe the moose get so close!

Vicki W said...

You and Lily seem to be getting along beautifully!

Melodie said...

I remember the stars! As I recall, you weren't happy with them. I turned out fabulous!! What is the story behind a Quilt of Valor?

Melodie said...

Yes, I turned out fabulous also, but I meant to say IT turned out fabulous!!

Quiltnbee said...

Thanks, Deb, for quilting this! It was my mom's round robin quilt that I found in her sewing stuff ...she never finished it when she got it back because she didn't like the purple and red combo. I know she would be very pleased with it now, though, and so happy that it is going to someone who will love it and who needs to wrap up in something made with love. Thank you so much!

Allison Ann Aller said...

I just LOVE that you quilted all those "thank you's". Way to go!