Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Off Kilter

It all started on Sunday. Warren was working, so I went to the Irish Dance Spring Fling by myself. After driving in circles trying to find the place, I found it, & parked here by this young moose treating himself to a little pine breath freshener.
I really don't know why I bothered to take my camera along. I knew the pictures wouldn't be good, because of no flash photography rules, & of course my own operator ignorance.
The auction was packed with people, & things to bid on. I thought these funky fleece fish hats were quite amusing.
When I got home. My arms were full of stuff. I had my camera slung over my left shoulder, as I juggled the keys, purse, bags etc., & when I got the back door open, the cat was there to greet me & try to make a quick escape (we live in bear & moose & large predatory bird country, so he has to stay inside). My camera bonked against the door casing, & my heart sank, because I knew it was a hard hit. So this is what the next pictures all looked like.
It made me very sad. My Rebel XT has a head injury!
Well maybe it's just the auto focus part of the lens. I did manage today to figure out how to take a little better picture on manual. This is a post quard my big sister Em made for me. Isn't it cute? It's needle felted & free-motion stitched, & machine applied the beady eye. Several firsts for her. I love it!
Monday I felt kind of funky all day. I worked, slogging through my day, energy feeling low. I had a Dr appointment about my knees at 3, so I went & saw Pete, the Orthopedic surgeon. He said he'd be happy to replace my left knee, & give me a new better bionic one. I was hoping he'd do both at once, as both hurt all the time, but the left is worse than the right by maybe 1 point on my pain scale. We left it at just the left knee, scheduled for May 20th. I went home & worried over it.
When I got home, I was feeling like I really wanted something chocolate. I decided to make my Mocha cookies. They're only 1 point a piece on Weight Watchers. I use 1 cup of coffee in them, & rather than brewing an entire pot, I decided to haul out my little espresso maker from under the counter. I pulled it out by the top, & the little glass pot slid to the floor. CRASH! It shattered. #@!_% so I cleaned up that mess. I just used the measuring cup for the espresso. When it was done, or maybe I should say, when I thought it was done I cranked off the part that holds the grounds, & BOOMF! Very fine Coffee grounds were everywhere! What a mess.
I finally baked the cookies, ate a couple & went to bed.
At 3 a.m. I woke up & couldn't get back to sleep. My stomach was cramping, & I figured it was all because of the knee worries, & maybe the high fiber cookies. I got up Tuesday morning & went into work at 730. I was only working until 330, I had a pre-op physical scheduled for 4, but I called & cancelled it. Pete came into the recovery room where I work at 10 after his first surgery of the day, & I sat down & told him I've chickened out. I want to be sure that it's the right thing to do, only the left I mean. I explained how when I go down stairs I have to lead with the right, one step at a time, because it hurts to bend if I try to lead with the left, & leading with the left is what I would HAVE to do after a left knee replacement. He said we can do an MRI, maybe the cartilage is worse in that knee than what shows on xray, or maybe Synvisc is worth a try. So Surgery is on hold for now, but will probably be in the near future.
By the time I left the hospital, I seriously considered calling Warren & asking him to come get me. I was feeling AWFUL. I had thought it was just a stomach tied in knots over the worries, but after talking to Pete, then talking to my friend Mindy, I figured the stomach would be better & it wasn't. I didn't eat anything all day either. I drove myself home. Made it into the back door, put on my pajamas, & crawled into bed at 4 in the afternoon. By 7 p.m. I decided to check my temperature, & it was 101.7. No wonder I felt so rotten. I called in sick to work for today. I stayed in bed until 1045 this morning, then spent the day on the couch. A little Ibuprofen, some fruit, crackers,& water, & now I'm heading back to bed.

Oh, & speaking of off kilter, Vicki was right on my previous post, the backing was short, but no, it wasn't upside down. I had to add another piece of fabric before completing the quilting.


Elaine Adair said...

Oh crud!! Just gotta live through it for a bit -- I DO hope you're back in good form. HATE those kinds of days.

Gaia Quilter said...

I love seeing the moose walking through the yards like its no big deal! It's too bad about your knees, hard to know what to do, but you have to do something, (and it's to bad about your camera). Em's card is cute, very clever.

Allison Ann Aller said...

You poor dear...whacking the camera, dual espresso disasters, aching knees, and now the flu!!!
At least the coming of spring is inexorable...
Hang in there; things will turn for the better soon!

mindy said...

Oh Deb! What a day. I'm so sorry.
Call me on the bat phone when you're up so we can schedule a few things. The light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming freight train.

Smiles! Becca said...

On my way home from Safeway yesterday A moose was crossing the highway. I still cant get used to it.Right downtown Kenai! Hope you get to feeling better very soon. (((hugs))

roxanestoner said...

That is what I call a challenging day. The good thing is that you did the right thing: got into bed and rested. I am sending you good vibes for feeling yourself quickly once again and finding the right thing to do about your knees. Big hug to you.
PS: the little I love ewe" is so cute and good enough to eat. At first I thought it was a birthday cake... I have such a sweet tooth. "