Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Better Day & art Scam!

Well, I feel like I'm going to live. The stomach flu or whatever it was, seems to be subsiding. Temps are back to normal, though appetite isn't (which is OK with me, I've always said I wish I could develop a short case of anorexia!).
On the quilting front, I've done nothing but doodle on paper while feeling ill, but I got a nice e-mail surprise today from someone in London who wants to buy 2 of my Art quilts for her new home in South Africa. I almost hate to let them go, but it will make room for new pieces , & that is what being in the business of Art quilting is about. Selling them.
This is my Tree of Life. A whole-cloth quilt, that I made from one of my hand dyed clean up cloths. I did the design in thread, completely free motion, then inked in over it for more definition. I covered a curtain rod to match for hanging. The quilting is tight in this one, & I really loved it.
Sulky Holoshimmer threads really pick up the lights & sparkle on this quilt.
The other one that she wanted was this one, Primordial Soup...Fiber & Ice. The wood hanger is driftwood I picked up on Lake Superior. It looks like it was chewed on the ends by a beaver. The background is Rabbit fur that I bought here.
It's a mix of hand dyes, hand painted fibers, machine & hand stitched, beads & wires. The 2 large beads were to represent the Raven & the walrus, air & sea, the beginnings of time .
Later the same day: Delta made the 1st comment on this post telling me this is a scam. Well after doing Google search on the name used by the scammer "Nicole Roane", it turns out this little missy has been very busy trying to scam people. I've only seen the tip of the iceburg, but will try to dig up links & post a copy of her email so you can all BEWARE..& THANK YOU DELTA!


Delta said...

I truly hope you have made a sale, but there were posts a couple of weeks ago on the QuiltArt list about emails received with exactly the same circumstances and they turned out to be scams. They'll offer to send more money than the asking price and then want you to refund the overpaid amount.

Your work is lovely and I'm sure there are many legitimate buyers for it.

Melodie said...

She's right! Don't assume everyone is as nice and honest as you are!! Be careful.
I hate to see P.S. go! I love that piece!
Glad you are starting to feel human again. I'm doing a little better myself.

Barbara C said...

These are beautiful pieces. It would've been nice to make a sale I'm sure, but your work is lovely nonetheless.

Kay said...

These are beautiful; I especially like the tree of life, always one of my favorite motifs. How lucky that you posted about this so you could get the alert!