Thursday, May 22, 2008

Signs of Spring,wed. at Pat's, & Art Scam Cont....

Last evening I saw the 1st moth of the season clinging to my backdoor. I thought it was cute.
Trees on our hillside are finally GREEN!
Pussy willow buds have lost most of their fur & are tightly curled leaves.
Lucy Jeanne Smith showed us her Cincinnati Reds hat that she buttoned up for a trip to Southeast Alaska. She was asking Jack if it would be OK to wear, as she was afraid some natives might find it offensive. Jack thought it would be OK as long as she doesn't add any totem signs to it.
Jack & his friend Allison showed us costumes they are using for some Performance Art they are doing. Jack's raven was particularly beautiful. It was made from hand-dyed muslin made to mimic a traditional Native bird skin jacket. It was overlaid with a sheer organza to give it the sheen.
No she isn't pregnant. It's just the shape of the coat. It was quite entertaining seeing these 2.
Above left, Fran Reed showed us photos of some of the things she's been up to. Fran makes the most incredible baskets from fish skins. Center is George Taylor, showing us samples from his latest class with Gail Harker. Seveeral of George's quilts have been published in books, by people like Roberta Horton & Mary Mashuta, & Judy Hopkins.
Linda Weatherwax brought her own chair for Show & Tell. She batiked the fabric, & put it on the chair. She also batiked George's shirt, & George made it himself. I bought a shirt from Linda for Warren for this past Christmas.
Fellow bloggers, Nancy & Roxane were both back from their travels, & George brought his special guest Stevii Graves, who just finished jurying for APNQ in Seattle. (Sorry I didn't get my camera pointed on any of them). Stevii paid me a nice compliment though. She told me my work should be entered into shows.
On the scammer news, a check came in the mail today in the amount of $3800.00 for the 2 quilts that only totaled $950.00. No return address on the envelope, but there were emails on the computer today, & messages on the phone. I called the FBI, & got instructions. Forwarded all of the email communications to them. Tomorrow I have to call the Postmaster, & will be turning the check along with copies of emails over to them. The check is very real looking even down to a watermark, but the bank address, doesn't include a phone number, nor does the name & address in the corner: Lee World Travel Service, INC
245 East Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401
The signature on the check is ..dotty.. really fake looking. Boy how does anybody believe this scam!?!


Melodie said...

Neat stuff! Why would the button hat be offensive?
It must be exciting to be in the middle of an FBI case!!
Happy Birthday tomorrow!! It's supposed to be 72 tomorrow and 80 on Sunday! We just might have to cook out to celebrate for you!! Love you!

Gaia Quilter said...

You have the greatest quilt bee, everyone is so creative!
I cannot believe the amount on that check, were you suppose to refund the difference? I'm so glad the FBI is involved. Hopefully it does some good.
Have a wonderful Birthday Saturday. Your gift is suppose to be there Sat. but I'd look for it Monday or Tuesday, but it's in route.

Lei Lei said...

I was sondering about the button hat too....Aunt Bee-you rank right up with Remington Steele and Angela Landsbury-you ROCK! Happy Birthday tomorrow, I wish we could celebrate your 50th together again! Miss you and love you!

Lei Lei said...

I mean wondering....

mindy said...


I believe the answer to the button question is that the natives of Southeast Alaska...the Haida and Tsimshian use lots of redand black felt and white buttons in their ceremonial clothing.

Great pics Deb.

mindy said...

Wait a second....its a day early....I thought today was the HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!