Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bitten by the Springtime Bug!

I had my 1st Interenet sale this week. A gal saw my link on ebay when I was bidding on items for the Greenpeace sale, followed the link to my webpage, & is buying 'Mermaid's Dream". I'm happy!
In the mail came this lovely surprise from Jeri! Dahlia #5. THanks Jeri! It's so pretty, the beads are in a pool of glittery glue, & it SPARKLES! I love sparkles!

I got bitten by the spring cleaning bug on Friday, & worked all day cleaning & rearranging. I put away all my snowflake dishes & decorations, & got the roosters & butterflies out for the new season. We still have better than a foot of snow in the yard, & the path to the car has turned to muck , & it spit a little snow yesterday, but the seagulls are back, & spring is under way.
I moved my chicken coop from the kitchen, & put it in the living room, behind the love seat, & put the DVDs in it. I'd had them on the ladder, but will be moving the ladder when our new entertainment center gets here. We ordered it a while ago. It's going to be unfinished because we couldn't find what we wanted all done.

Our new desk for our bedroom got delivered yesterday,

as well as the recliner for the bedroom. I'll be spending a lot of time there after I get my shoulder fixed.

I went to the Quilt Tree yesterday, & got fabric for the new grandbaby quilt. Batiks for the front, & those yummy Minki velvety fabrics for the back.

This was an impulse buy. I couldn't resist. I've hooked it on to my nail clippers in hope of keeping track of them easier.

Don't you think it looks like Broc? He got a hair or something in his eye yesterday & has been winking all day. It seems to be better today.

I best get down to the studio. So much to do, & so little time. I have to go back to work tomorrow, & will be on call all night, but get Tuesday off in exchange, so maybe I'll get to play then. :~D


Melodie said...

I love the new chair and it does look comfy! I love the desk too.......I think I could collect tables of all kinds. I have a thing for them.
Poor Broc!!
We got our Brandi dog back (we got her in the divorce!) She looks more like a Teddy bear!
I'm on the verge of being able to paint & paper the new flat!! ANTSY!!
I think I finally have an idea for a quard!! Do you recommend a foam or brush to work on (by hand). And have you tried both?
Love you!

Melodie said...

Oh yeah.......the foam/brush is for felting, not quards. I have a head cold and my mind is not working up to snuff (or should I say stuff),

StegArt said...

Congrats on the sale! I love that dahlia card, very pretty. That kitty doo dad is sooo cute, looks just like your broc!

Sue B said...

Congrats on the sale Deb! Those fabrics are yummy, I haven't sewn with minkee fabrics yet, they seem like they may be a bit challenging.

Micki said...

Love that mermaid piece, congrats on the sale. Chair looks very comfy.

Rian said...

Oh goodie, new furniture! Looks like spring has sprung. And those fabrics are muy delicioso!

Dianne said...

Congratulations on the sale Deb - "Mermaid's Dream" is gorgeous!!