Friday, February 27, 2009

Old Friends

I spent some time with my dear friend Kate today. She used to live about 45 minutes away from me, & she just moved into a house that is less than 2 miles from my house. I was so excited to have her near by. I like to tell people that it's all her fault that I am a quilter today. She is the one who got me started. She first piqued my interest, when we were working together in an Internal Medicine office. The same office where I first got to know my other dear friend, Mindy. They are both like sisters to me.
This was the birthday card I gave Kate today. Her birthday was a few days ago. I made 3 very similar cards.
We sat & worked on dresses. Kate had to finish one for her daughter Hannah, for a party tonight. I did some seam ripping on (Mindy's DD) Hope's Irish Dance dress that I hadn't touched since before Christmas.
Kate's cat really liked Hope's dress.
I also finished up on the earrings,
slider necklace/pin,
& pin,
which I mounted on to a card, & dropped it off at Mindy's, to be donated to an auction for the Irish Dance School, this coming Sunday.


Emmy said...

so nice to have a friend close to you I just love the cards and thanks for the comment on my blog

Melodie said...

Thanks for the card and the pin Bee! They are beautiful!! It actually arrived a couple of days ago. We've been in the middle of school play season.

mindy said...

So being mentioned in a blog titled "Old Friends" makes me feel like I'm aged like a cheese or wine...but you do realize that I'm still 18 right? LOL

Thanks for coming to the show yesterday and the great donation as such short notice/'re such a sweetheart!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Beautiful card and jewelry!

Steph said...

Love the pins and earings very nicely done.

Its great having friends close, my good friend Mandy only lives about 15-20 minutes away from me.

Allison Ann Aller said...

How wonderful that your dear friend and textile co conspirator has joined your neighborhood.
We expect great things from you two!