Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Family, Friends & Fun

I got this nice picture of my DS Brandon with wife Laura & daughter Carys yesterday. They will be here in July! I can't wait!
This was my ABC's of Embellishment class yesterday. We had a lot of fun, first paint, then embossing, foiling, & fusing, & heat effects. The gal in the center is Kate, she had taken class #2 last time around, & liked it so much she signed up for all 4 this time, including repeating class #2.

I wish I could go play in my studio right now, but I am on call tonight, & hate to get interrupted in the middle, so for now, I guess I'll fix my hair (so I don't scare my patients when I get called in), & read for a while. It's snowing & blowing here today, but the days are getting steadily longer. We're still waiting for Mount Redoubt to blow it's top. It's been threatening for quite a while.

I got good news today that one of my dearest old friends, Kate has moved in near by. She is the person who got me started quilting. I hope I'll see her once in a while now!

Hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day!


Delighted Hands said...

Right back at ya! Looks like the class was a success!

Guzzisue said...

the blue gloves make it look like a delicate operation :-)

Steph said...

Very cute picture!

Yeah I wish Redoubt would make up its mind, blow its top or calm down.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

What a nice picture of your son and his family, I know your going to have a fun time with them!
Your class looks like a lot of fun also.

mindy said...

Hey Deb....I sent you an email with more info on Kate, but it came back.
Great pic of Brandon and family....looks so warm!

Helen Suzanne said...

Volcanoes are one of those amazing (and of course devastating) natural things that I have a bizarre almost addictive fascination with, and I didn't realise you have one so close. How on earth does one prepare for such things?? Though I wouldn't like to live in danger of one I am quite envious that you might get to see one in action (I pray from a safe distance).

Anonymous said...

Stay warm! We are getting some of your storm now.