Monday, February 02, 2009

Murder Mystery & Turtle Cat

Nothing quilty to report today. We have gone back into the deep freeze, with a temp of -18 F this morning. We got a pretty good snowfall on Friday, ice is decorating the eves, from the heater wire that we placed on the roof.
The ravens were having a party at Costco when we went there. I love watching their antics, & hearing their chortle.
Saturday evening we went to a 1950's themed Murder Mystery Party for my friend Mindy's 50th birthday (which is this Thursday). Hope demonstrated the hula-hoop.
Lindsey dressed in a Lucy costume. Mindy was 'miss Bobby Sox", Christie & Hope, & is that the Fons?
Our orthopedic surgeon played the part of Ivan, the Russian astrophysicist. He was soo funny.
We had a great time. I turned out to be the murderer! Nobody was more surprised than I was!
Sunday Mindy & John, & Hope came over to watch the Super Bowl, & brought party left-overs. It's always fun getting together with them.
Broccoli was playing like a turtle with the packaging that came with my camera.
Later he was exhausted after all that play. I hear that a cat who will sleep on his back is a well adjusted animal who feels safe.


Melodie said...

So, who'd you kill? And what was your weapon? You must've been the guest star......they are always the killer.....or the one to be killed! I does look like a fun party!
Broc has no if Carys comes to visit....

jenclair said...

We've talked about having a dinner party with a murder mystery, but now maybe we'll push a little harder to have one. Sounds like so much fun!

Delighted Hands said...

What fun! And we thought you were just a killer quilter-who knew! Nothing like warm company when it is so cold outside! Glad you have your camera back!

Nanc said... really are back in the deep freeze! Looks like a great birthday party! I've never done one of those murder mystery parties, but it sure sounds like fun!

Steph said...

Let me guess Deb, in the, kitchen with a wrench right? hahaha I have always kinda wanted to do one of those kinds of parties.

I have heard the same thing about cats, if they lay on their backs they feel safe. Kramer does it all the time as well

mindy said...

It was fun, but this is the third Murder Mystery party we've done together (Hardmans and Meyns) and this one did not "flow" as well as the two prior ones. The other two were done by "How to Host a Murder" and they seemed better I think....what do you think Deb? (You failed to mention another interesting item about your character you rabbit killer!!!)

Granny Fran said...

"Rabbit killer"?!!! How is it that Brocolli is so fearless living with such a person?
I love all your unique embellishments that look so beautiful!
We are having one of our spring in winter spells with temps in the 60s
(thanks to Chinook winds coming down off the high mountains; the friction heats the air); but more cold and snow is coming soon. Not as cold and snowy as Alaska.
I've been wondering if you felt the earthquake that hit your area recently.

BLP said...

Tell turtle cat I said hi.

Love Brandon