Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine & Teddy Bear Tea

I have been off line for a week. Tonight I just now got my DSL back up & running. I played in my studio for about 15 minutes today, when the phone rang & they were begging me to come in & work. I had to cancel may play day with my friend Kate, & rescheduled for next week, & went in to work a short shift. Just 6 hours. I'm on call tomorrow, but hopefully I can stay home & play.
I made my DH's Valentine as usual. This was the envelope. He says he's keeping it as well as the card.It's just a bit of black Misty Fuse, painted with copper paint on to the envelope. I used a copper gel pen to print his name, then outlined it with a black Sharpie. Easy.
The card, I started in my embellishment class. The white wings (actually have silver sparkles) are made from Embossing Powder. The lettering, & the heart are 2 different methods of Foiling.Of course there's a little free-motion quilting, & couched yarn, & the edges have more painted Misty Fuse, & LOVE printed with gel pen. It said "You heart take wing!"
Thursday was our 6th annual Teddy Bear Tea at ALCQ. It was a great Tea. Over 200 bears & their friends showed up with little quilts to be donated to several area organizations. I will post a lot more pictures on the ALCQ blog tomorrow evening. This little Panda made me want to cry!
My DF Jackie was stylish as always. She sported this hat made by a Homer artist (she couldn't remember her name). I loved the big felted & bead embellished flower.
I also loved Debbie's jacket. She said it came from Coldwater Creek! Go figure!


Delighted Hands said...

Welcome back! Isn't is such a cut-off feeling to be without the internet now, who would have known.

Melodie said...

Awww....that Panda really does need a loving home! He looks so sad!
Love the card......I'll bet he's kept all your art!
Love you! Sorry I missed your call on my bd. Leilani and the gang took me out to dinner. Dad took me to Red Lobster on Wed (my request) Rob & Kim joined us and they split my bill! I had 2 lobster tails and linguine with baby shrimp in white sauce....It was awesome....of course I go there for the rolls!!

Steph said...

to answer your question yes the internet is a god send. I am happy that I was able to find that song fimally.

love the Valentine, I agree that he will keep all your art work.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Warren's valentine is cute, very clever. I also like Jackies hat and the jacket.