Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thread play & Vicki's Flower Garden

My oldest sister Vicki "isn't a quilter", so she says. This Grandmother's Flower Garden was her first attempt at making a quilt top. She showed it to me in September when I was in Michigan. She made it about 12 years ago, & said she didn't think she would ever finish it, so I brought it home with me. I quilted it on Lily.
It's meant for a table topper, not a bed quilt. I used a very thin poly batt. The pieces had a few puckers, & it didn't lay perfectly flat, so it needed just a little loft to help hide it's minor flaws.
I quilted around the flowers, & spirals in the centers. Now I'm going to send it to my other sister Em, & she is going to do the binding. Good luck Em!
I taught a Threadplay class yesterday. My students were enthusiastic, & helped breathe a little ambition back into me. I've been such a slug lately! It was fun teaching people who appreciated the things I was teaching them. They kept saying, "This is so much FUN!" That made it fun for me too. One of my students was the wife of sombody who works on Kwajelaein where my son Brandon is.
Today I spent some time in the studio getting ready for my next class, "ABC's of Embellishment", on Tuesday. I painted a bunch of stuff.
A couple of skeleton leaves,
some Mulberry bark,
some pieces of the Misty Fuse that Sue B sent me, (thanks again Sue!)
used Dryer sheets, & scraps of Lutradur, & batting.
I also did some Thread-play. This flower was my demo from class yesterday. That's a mirror in the center.
I decided to make another to wear with a sweater that Warren gave me for Christmas. I put a glass blob in the center of this one.
Then I decided to make a different sort of flower. I think I'll call them Peggy flowers, because my late sister-in-law Peggy loved spider mums, & that was what I was thinking about when I made it. I used a clear glass blob for the center of this one,
then I added it to the top of "Modern Romance". Did I mention that I'd named the crazy quilt?
While I was in the Threadplay mode, I decided to also make a bit of custom lace for a seam on "Modern Romance", here it is before I washed the stabilizer away.
After I dried it, it fit perfectly on the seam that I made it for.

It felt so good to have a little creative time.

Granny Fran asked about the earth quake we had recently. Yes I felt it good! It started, then got louder, & bigger, I started timing it after about 15 or 20 seconds, & it lasted another whole minute. It was quite a ride! I was setting on the couch at the time. I never heard where the epicenter was, or how big it was, but it was a fun one!


Melodie said...

Now I see why you hadn't blogged in a few days! You were busy!!
The photo of Vickies' quilt struck me as having a navy binding. It's pretty!
I can't wait to see the little "Romance" piece finished or at least a photo of the whole thing.
And lastly, is 'blob' the technical term for that glass? heh heh!

Delighted Hands said...

Wow, for a slug you sure have been a creative one! Love the flowers-beautiful. The quilt is a treasure-don't you love the way quilting brings that top to life!
My son in Seattle slept right through his earthquake-I have experienced 2 of them-kind of demand your respect, don't they?!

Steph said...

That earthquake almost dropped a Dvd on my head. I was sitting at the dinning room table eating when it hit after it was done I looked up and a dvd was damn near out of the shelf.

THe quilts and flowers look great Deb, good work.

Kay said...

I love the threadplay flowers, particularly the way the red one looks on the sweater.

Jeri said...

you sure have been busy, miss slug. I love the GFG quilt that you finished, and the Peggy flowers and the lace are magnificent. I don't have that creative vision that you do!

Debra said...

It's amazing the energy that can be felt when everyone around you is energetic. Good for you to go with the flow! Lovely flowers!

Anonymous said...

The mark of a good teacher is one who is inspired by her students! I just made that up, but it sounds good.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your Christmas flower and spider mum are wonderful, they look like they were a lot of fun to make. Your lace seam was a great idea(I don't know where all the ideas come from). I wish I was up there playing with you, seems like I'm always saying that, must be true