Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mission Organization/Irish Dance/Slumdog

Winter has kept us in it's grip. Our weekend was snowy & chilly. It was a good weekend to stay inside, & get organized. The first room you see, when you walk into our back door, is "Warren's workshop". He has promised me, that when we can fix up the garage, his workshop will be moved out there, & this room will become my wet studio. It has been crammed full of tools & building materials for our remodeling projects, & it was such a mess he couldn't really work in it.
His nice new tool chest sat right in the center of the room.
We finally got together, & rearranged, & organized. He got his drill press set up, & now only a few tools are still in boxes. We still have to get the tool bench organized, & I hope to do that this weekend.
On Sunday, we went to the "Irish Dance School's performance.
Good photos were hard to get, as there is no flash photography allowed,
but we had front row seats, so I got a few shots. That's Christi, (my pal Mindy's middle daughter) 2nd girl from the left in the picture below
This ghostly image was of Owen Barrington, Anchorage's own World Champion Irish Dancer. He was moving very fast.
I have no idea what this one was, but I thought it was cool.
We bid on several things at their Silent Auction. This is the only thing I won. It was one of Mindy's slumped glass bottles. She would've made me one free, but I wanted this. I thought the package made it even nicer.
Broc has been a slug, laying in the chair by the fire for the past 4 days. He loves it when we have the wood stove burning.
I worked Monday & today. Yesterday we went out to the movies & saw "Slumdog Millionaire". It was interesting, & disturbing, & sad, & a little happy. A strange mixture. With all of it's Oscars, & 4 1/2 stars in the rating, I'm a little perplexed. Give "Twilight", or "Harry Potter", any day!


Delighted Hands said...

We are in the middle of a building project so I can sympathize with the interim messies...........doesn't it feel good to organize, tho?!

Sande said...

The things we put up with for our guys! (Oh...and the things THEY put up with for us!!)
That performance must have been great fun. I rarely get to see Irish dancing, but I love it. And to have family or friend up there makes it all the better.
Hope you're moving towards spring. We're looking at a rare 60 degrees tomorrow. Ah, Spring!

Steph said...

Broc looks very comfy in that picture. It looks like you guys did a lot of work on his workshop. I bet it felt good getting a lot acomplished.

I am so ready for summer, bring on the warmer weather, hey at least the days are getting longer so summer shouldn't be too far away right?

Melodie said...

I love the tool box!! WoW!! Just imagine the sewing gear that baby would hold!!! I like that Irish dancing too. I'd love to see it in person some time.
My cats do the same thing Broc is doing. Of course I have electric fire places and only turn the heat part on when I shower. Never fails, there is a cat up against the blower, sucking up all the heat! So much for a warm room after the shower!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

That rooms going to be a great dye studio, I'll be there to help you break it in! Christie looked cute dancing, I bet she's excited for her new dress.