Thursday, August 07, 2008

The rest of the ABC's

Tuesday we did a lot of running around town. Wed. I had my Dr. appointment , & all is good with my knee. I also renewed my driver's license, I forgot it was due in May. The pharmacy pointed out that is was expired. Yesterday we went out for an early supper & the movies. We saw "Mama Mia" & I LOVED it. Very cute movie. The music was still running through my head when I woke up this morning. We also saw Journey to the Center of the Earth. Unfortunately they don't show it in 3 D here, but it was cute, & short.
Today I had intended to go to Quilt Guild, but woke up late, so instead I got busy working on the rest of the ABC's.
R is Rusted fabric, & a Rock.
S is Singed Silk on top of Sandpaper, a Stamped Silver Star, Six Sequins, all Stitched with Sulky Silver Sparkly thread, & a Sea Shell.
T is Thread on Top, & Trim, which I used a Sacking needle to bury the ends.
U is Ultrasuede.
V is Velvet & Velcro.
W is Wool strips Woven together, & Washers.
X is Xpandaprint in white, applied over a stencil cut from an old X-Ray. I dusted a little Pearl-ex powder on top too.
Y is Yarns.
Z is Zipper.
Now I'll edge each individual card, & make a background quilt to attach them to, & I'll be done.


Anonymous said...

My drivers license expired in July. I have gotten it renewed, but the new license had not yet arrived in the mail when we left on our trip. What a hassle to try to travel with an expired license! I have a receipt from the DMV stating the license has been renewed, but of course the TSA people wanted to argue with me about the validity of the paper and the DMVs practices. You would have thought I was trying to smuggle small children out of the country.

Gaia Quilter said...

I love the R & S. Too clever.

Ali Honey said...

You did so well finding something suitable for every letter of the alphabet. Great work!

Glad you are getting better, but don't overdo it. Quilty hugs from NZ , Ali.

Linda Fleming said...

Your letter embellishments are gorgeous and so creative! What a clever gal you are!

jackie said...

You really have been busy.
Best wishes.

Steph said...

they all look great!!

Kay said...

How creative is this! Wonderful, Deb.