Sunday, August 03, 2008

ABC's-I Embellishing Cont.

Thanks for all the commiseration on the sleep issues. Hormones aren't an option for me because of family history. My dear sister has had breast cancer. I will continue to use those sleepless nights to my advantage, by thinking up weird things to do on quilts!
Back to my alphabet. I worked a little more on the letter C. Not only is it Copper, but it has a Checkerboard background Colored from Crayola Crayons!
D got a face lift too. Denim!
F is Fusible web, Foil & a Feather!
G is a Glitzy Gold mesh fabric, Gold thread, & a lovely Glob of Glass that Glows-in-the dark! (Made by Mindy of course)
H is Hair (doll Hair), a coil of Hemp, & Happy!
I is looking a little plain. I is INK. I Inked the fabrics.
This is really a lot of fun. Oh & Anna, thanks for the suggestion on E. I was thinking so hard outside of the box, I don't think Embroidery had even occurred to me. I did some more to E too, but I'll publish it next time! Thanks again ALL of you!


My LIttle Family: said...

I have the same sleepless thing and don't take hormones. I just wish I had these hot flashes when I lived in a big old drafty house in Alaska and not here in Florida! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm liking your letters!

Melodie said...

You should be inking indigo insects!

Gaia Quilter said...

Your just having way too much fun!

Steph said...

Keep up the great Work!

Ali Honey said...

Great alphabet so far!

I am a poor sleeper sometimes , often every second night for some reason. I find moderate exercise and sunlight - being outside helps.

Often I get up and make a hot drink take it back to bed, sit up with 2 pillows like i'm not trying to sleep then sipping the drink makes me more relaxed.