Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Old Crazy Quilt on my bed

The old crazy quilt on my bed that Amy asked about & Kathy recognized, is one that I made from some old blocks that were raffled off at a guild meeting when I was living in Michigan. They were given to a guild member by the family of a lady that had passed away, & they knew she was a quilter. She didn't really want them, I think she kept one to put in a frame, & the rest were divided into groups of 4. We bought tickets for 25 cents each, & I bought $10.00 worth. I NEVER won raffles, but wanted to win at least one group of these, & everyone there knew it. They were going to draw 4 tickets, & mine was the LAST ticket drawn. In the end everybody gave me the blocks they won too, because they felt that I wanted the the most, & they said they knew I'd actually do something with them.
I ended up making this quilt, that I use maybe 3 months out of the year. & it's sister lives with my friend Kathy, which I made for her out of the 4 blocks that she gave me. Maybe we can get her to show that one!


Gaia Quilter said...

Deb, Don't forget to mark the box with the wool fabric in it so I can get it mordanted. I will take a picture of my crazy quilt and put it on my blog. It seems a little hot to have the quilt on your bed now, it must be a cool summer there.

Pam said...

It is so great when some forgotten blocks actually become something and become wanted!

I enjoyed reading all about your embellishment alphabet - it turned out great.

Allison Ann Aller said...

This is a most handsome old quilt!