Friday, December 01, 2006

Dolls & Collections & Dishwasher News

Karoda asked me if I collect dolls. My answer is "Not intentionally", but collections I seem to have!!
There's the movie collections from 'Finding Nemo', 'The Little Mermaid',
'Shrek' #1 &2 (Puss-n-Boots not pictured)
2 sets of ' Toy Story ' dolls

including the Slinky dog & Mr Potatoe Head, & 3 from 'Monster's Inc.' that I didn't bother photographing.

Plus the dolls I've kept, that I made. The Mermaid is from a Patti Medaris Culea pattern.
& the Good Time Girls, who have evolved from an Eleanor Peace Bailly pattern, but I've changed them a lot, & Eleanor doesn't approve of them. She was offended that I would do something that might glorify the oldest profession, but my feeling is that they were a real part of our history, & shouldn't be forgotten. They helped settle the West, especially Alaska & California histories.
Then there are the dolls that were given to me.
And the bagains I just couldn't pass up. These 2 native Alaskan made dolls I paid about $20.00 a piece for.
& more little black folk dolls,
I got them for a song,
at a little antique shop..
in Muskegon, Michigan, & I love them. They live in my kitchen.
So I guess I do collect dolls, among collections of many other things, but honestly the only thing I ever intentionally collected was rocks, sand & thimbles!

I've always lived in small houses, & don't like to spend money on useless items & "Dust collectors", as my Mom always called knick-knacks. I really didn't set out to collect, but it seems to have happened. Someday I'll have a bid yard sale, or start selling on Ebay, or my kids will when I die....until then I've got STUFF! & lots of it! How about you folks? What have you collected?

Oh, & the dishwasher news...a very nice guy from Meile in SanFrancisco called me today. He reassured me, that if the dishwasher isn't perfect once the repair guy works on it again, they will replace it free of charge with the newest, best upgraded model. I am happy!
Oh! & the name for the baby girl....Emily Marie. The Em for my sister who gave her to me, & Marie for our Mom.


MJAPA said...

I just remember the first tine I brought Robb to your house and he saw all of your stuff and he said, "NOW I get where you get it from!" Haha!

I have a lot of stuff, but have managed to get rid of a lot over the last year. And when I say "get rid of" I mean, "Pack in a box and put in storage"

Right now I collect vintage designer purses. I have way more LV than someone who makes as little per year as I do should have, some Gucci, some Chanel and some very rare local designers. Some goes for high heels. Lots of BEAUTIFUL shoes that I rarely wear. The upside is I get it all for a screaming deal because I always buy at thrift stores.

I also have my Audrey Hepburn dolls from Breakfast at Tiffanies and my Elizabeth Taylor doll from Father of the Bride.

But really we mostly collect Guitars and CD's and records. Between Jon and I we probably easily have 30 guitars.

sue b said...

offended?! I think they're fabulous.

Rian said...

Wow that's a lot of dolls!! I love the little black ones. Precious.

Happy dancing for you for the Miele turnout.

Rian said...

Oh I forgot to say: I collect nothing. I have lots of little mementos from my travels around the world, but together they don't amount to anything except that they collect dust. I'm in your mother's camp.

Dianne said...

I love dolls too! What a diverse collection you have.

Barbara C said...

What beautiful dolls. I love dolls, but I don't dare start (another) collection. Your ladies of the evening are gorgeous.

Lei Lei said...

I wonder if mom's email to Miele helped ?? From my first marriage, I always collected cows for my really cant think of anything specific. miss you much Aunt Bee (Uncle Yon too)

Shelina said...

I really like your stuff. I especially like the dolls you made. I have a lot of stuff too. I posted a post about some collections that I have. I'll have to show some dolls.

Melodie said...

I think you DO collect dolls! If I get Roger's baby doll back from Linda (she's moving to a smaller place) do you want it? Love you! Em

Allison said...

What a fun place your home is! Thanks for sharing your collections!
I didn't get my first doll until I was I have 7, and they are all black Barbies. (Oh, and I have a Jake and an Elwood to sing to them. They all end up in some interesting tableau.)
Speaking of which, one of my most fun times with the Barbies was when my then 10 year old son came home from school to find his GI Joes all had Barbies in their laps. He yelped and rushed for his guys and I chased him screaming around the house.
Don't you love being a mom?
After that he hid his GI Joes.

The Calico Cat said...

She was offended that I would do something that might glorify the oldest profession

Are you serious? It's only a doll (& she profitted from your purchase of the pattern) not an advertisement...

With all of that said, I have some of her fabric (The old ladies with cats) & LOVE IT!

collect - besides cat fur? (I am not ready for that admission.) However:

My name is Amy & I am a cat-a-holic. (I have a hard time resisting the temtation of buying cat fabric... probably close to a 1000 yards...)

Shirley Goodwin said...

Yup. You collect dolls, Deb!

Debra Spincic said...

I've never met EPB but I percieved her as a fun (not uptight) person. Apparently, that is not a correct perception!

If given ½ a chance, I would collect dolls too--I have a borderline doll collection with all my Madonna figurines.

I also collect hearts and boxes (and then there's all that minor stuff I collect too. . . )

Micki said...

Wow, that's some doll collection. I have a collection of owls (about 50 of various sizes) a few bears, and a lot of dust. LOL!

diva of quilts said...

What a fun doll collection! Thanks for sharing.