Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well, it's my day off. I had to work the last 3 days, so have nothing fun to blog about today, unless you want to hear about work!

Warren & I went to see 'Apocalypto' last weekend. It was probably the most graphic movie I watched in a long time. It was very violent. Several times I had to close my eyes, cover my face, try not to watch. It was a sad & very intense story. The dialog was all in some language that didn't sound like anything familiar, & you had to read the screen, so it was hard to not watch if you wanted to know what was happening. I had to decompress from it when we got home, so we watched 'Pirates of the Carribean 2- the Dead Man's Chest'. I love Johnny Depp. He makes me laugh.

I sent a package to my sister. I'm hoping she gets it soon, so I can show you what I sent her. I thought I'd be going to my Calendar Girls Christmas get together today, but apparently we aren't having one, because I haven't heard from them, so I guess I'll head down to my studio. Tomorrow the dishwasher guy is coming. Keep your fingers crossed for me, that my dishwasher woes will be over!

Hey, I was reading Blogger Buzz, it sounds like they're about ready to switch to all Beta, so soon you'll be going Beta anyway, if you haven't already. Don't worry if you haven't done it yet. It's much better than the old version.

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