Friday, December 15, 2006

Fiber Festival Board, & Creative Solution

I'm still worried about my sister Em. She isn't answering her phone right now, which makes me think she must really be sick.
Last night we had a meeting of our Alaska Fiber Festival planning board. I'm in charge of dolls, so if any of you out there do dolls & would like to be in our March 2008 show, please let me know.

We spent about 5 hours, & still don't know for sure who all we'll be having for teachers. We're looking for a needle felter who makes spectacular dolls & teaches. Do you know any?
We have a Haute Coture Designer who will be teaching. & we think we have the quilting teacher chosen.
Our theme, I think I can reveal now, is "Half Baked Alaska". We will be having several challenges, including 'Tundra Trench Coat' (must be below the knee), & 'Trendy Tundra Boots'.
The Aussie Challenge will be on again. I'll show you the fabric in another posting. We've dubbed it the Ugly Fabric.
We will be having a 'Barrow-more Album' challenge, & we're hoping to include a venue of antique quilts for store displays with our Quilt Walk downtown. We'll have a 'Half Baked Challenge' which will be art quilts no larger than a cookie sheet. There are more things, but that enough to start.

This is my package for the Salvation Army Angel Tree. I picked a 13 year old girl. It didn't give any sizes or suggestions, so I decided to try & inspire her creativity. The bottom is an art kit with paints & colored pencils. I included, watercolor paper, & a sketchbook, a very inspiring book on papercrafting, & another on drawing, & one of my reversible purses, & a barrett that my friend Mindy made. I put a handmade card inside, with a note that I wrote, that just said "Creativity feeds the soul".

While I was working on the bow, Broc went into ecstacy over Jen's bracelet pin cushion again. Did you put catnip in there Jen?

While in the shower yesterday morning, I had sudden inspiration on how to handle the meltdown on my new iron. I had called the repair people & it will cost $98.00 to replace the housing. I also talked to Rowenta, & since it's damage due to user error, they won't cover it. They are sending me a nice coupon for about 1/2 the cost though, & the guy told me they have a new design coming out soon that won't be able to have this happen, so I'll wait & buy that with the coupon. In the mean time, I'm making a COZY for my iron! 1st I took a transparent plastic bag & made a pattern.
Cut it to fit.

Took my old Fiberglass press sheet,

& taped my pattern in place.

Cut the fiberglass to fit.
then cut a piece of wool. Next I needle felted around the edges, & took 3 glass beads, to cover the area where the melting occured. Surrounded each bead with more needle felted wool. Now I just have to trim it up & finish the sides on the cover. It's a WIP, but I'm almost finished already! & It won't effect the warranty, if anything goes wrong I'll send it in & get the housing replaced then, but for now this is my creative solution, & when the new model comes out, I'll buy that & keep this for backup.
I know a lot of you think I'm crazy for wanting an iron that's this costly, but you have to try one. They make ironing a dream. It's so much better than even the top of the line Black & Decker. I had one of those too, & hated it. This iron really makes ironing a pleasure.
Now for my dishwasher woes. Keep your fingers crossed, the repair guy is coming today! & I found out yesterday, Mercury was in retrograde! I may be out of the woods now!
PS Please remember my sister Em in your prayers.
Edit: Em called. She's feeling a little better. The doctor is holding her Chemo for this week. Thanks for all your concerns. She lives with her daughter, so I knew she wasn't alone, & they would've called me if anything serious had happened. Sorry to raise your concerns so much.


jenclair said...

What a great title - Half Baked Alaska!

You created a wonderful gift with Art Kit; something that will last long and reach far. Great idea!

:) The picture of Broccoli and the pincushion is priceless! I can't quit smiling!

And what a great way to turn a disaster into an asset with your iron.

Didn't mean to post such a long comment, but so much to respond to in this post.

Prayers for Em.

StegArt said...

Love your cure for the iron blunder.

Fruit Jar Nicky said...

Your iron is decorated to the hilt now!

I hope you hear from your sister soon.

Kim said...

A cozy! - wonderful solution Deb.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Have you heard from your sister? If not call the police in her town to make a well being check. You both are in my prayers.

Sue said...

Good idea for the iron cozy! Sorry to hear that your sister got the flu, hope she's feeling better soon & that the chemo goes well.

Debra Spincic said...

Only you would come up with an ironing solution like that! Fab!

I'll keep Em in my thoughts too.

Ali Honey said...

Dear Deb, so much to comment on - your planning sounds so exciting! Your parcel is such a wonderful idea for some young girl - I do hope you change her life....I think that is quite possible with someone like you being so generous with such a fun useful gift!

Your sis is in my thoughts - don't you stress about her or you will be getting ill yourself.
Hugs from NZ.

Micki said...

The plans sound great. Great gift for your "angel". Sorry about the iron but a great "fix".

I hope your sister feels better soon.

Allison said...

You have given Em to all of us to care for. She is in our hearts.