Monday, August 21, 2006

The Underworld Seattle!

I am posting this in the middle of the night, the very early morning actually. I went to sleep around 11 & at 234 our smoke alarm went off. 85 decibles screaming right above my head. My heart is just now slowing back down to normal. Once we reset the darn thing & changed batteries they still contiued to chirp, every 30 seconds. Very annoying, & replacing batteries did no good. So Warren got dressed & drove down to Carrs for newer batteries. This is an electric system with battery backup.
Ahh silence. He's back & it's stopped. G'night!
Will explain the the pics later!

956 P.M. The rest of the story... Friends Ilene & Stu came up on the train from Salem, OR.

They stayed with us our last 4 days in Seattle. One of the fun things we did was take the underground tour of old Seattle. It was quite interesting. The old toilet was a Thomas Crapper original. The alarm & comments on the review site, made me think of the name. TC gave us such a wonderful invention, yet his name has nothing but negative connotations. It also makes me think of the poor Dr. Mudd, who unwittingly treated Abe Lincoln's assasin, John Wilkes Booth, ended up in jail, & there was born the negative connotation for his name.."Your name is Mudd!"

Ok, so I've digressed, but that's exactly how my mind was working in the wee hours of the morning, with the alarms going. I did get to sleep another hour, of restless wild dreaming sleep before I had to get up & head into work.

The old door above, & the rock wall with moss below, were a couple of things I found beauty in, under the sidewalks of Seattle.

Here we were at an Irish Pub for lunch. We had one of those waiters that loved to tease & abuse you, & tell you what you did or didn't want. He was quite funny. That's Ilene on the left, me on the right, & Warren (my DH) is Akwhitebeard, Stu is the mustache guy.

Ilene & Stu about about the same heights as my Mom & Dad used to be. We had a fun time together. They're good people, & I love them. I actually lived with them for a few weeks, when my first husband & I split.


Allison said...

What a fun trip (except for the smoke alarm). I love seeing the photos of you all, too.
Just got back from Lake Michigan and as I gazed at White Lake from the pier I thought of you....

Rian said...

What great photos! I didn't know about Seattle's underbelly. And I didn't know the story about Mudd. It was an expression my mother used when I did something bad. Needless to say, I heard that a lot.

MJAPA said...

I like the underground tour. Did you see any rats? We saw a ton on our tour. They were the size of cats!

Karoda said...

I never knew Seattle had an underground! There was a church here that did a total renovation and in the process discovered that the church had been built over another church...the underground church sanctuary was intact with bibles, pews, pulpits, etc. What mysteries of histories! thanks for sharing the Crapper story.