Friday, August 18, 2006

More APNQ Show

First off, if you don't get the whole post, please hit view, & refresh on your screen. My page seems to be loading 1/2 way, then stopping, unless I refresh it.
For your viewing pleasure, here are a few more quilts. I'm , afraid I don't know who made this wonderful flower quilt, above. The above bears is the Innovative Mixed-Honorable Mention winner "Welcome to Kodiak!" by Sheila K. Finzer.
These 2, the one above & below are by Ree Nancarrow. I love Ree's work. She is a fellow Alaskan. She lives in Denali National Park. I envy her living there. It's the most beautiful wild place on Earth. The ribbon was a 3rd place for Innovative Mixed. It's name is "Wetlands Meadows Revised".
I'm afraid the one below is unknow too. I just liked it.

These are the self portraits from Quilting Arts Magazine's booth. The one in the far upper right was made by Karoda's friend Valerie White. The one below is another Alaskan, my friend Roxanne Stoner.

The quilting on this was wonderful. It won "Best Traditional". It is "Springtime Roosting Robin", by Lynda Lynn. It was from a pattern by Kay Buckley, Magical Medallions".
I found more pitures from the show on Gerrie's, Melissa's, Nikki's, & Terry's blogs. I wish I had spotted them. I would have introduced myself.


Karoda said...

The journal quilt on the far right at the top corner is by my friend Valerie White who lives here.

Thanks for sharing these quilts, the show seems impressive.

Rian said...

Oooh, more yummy eye candy. I especially love the self portraits.

MargaretR said...

Thanks for sharing all this lovely work with us. You must have had a great time.

MargaretR said...

Thanks for sharing all this lovely work with us. You must have had a great time.

Elle said...

Thanks for sharing! Look at that quilting on Springtime Roosting Robin! Wow!

Micki said...

Thanks for sharing these great quilt photos.

Kay said...

I think those self-portraits are just delightful. I loved them in the magazine, and envy you for seeing them in person. Like the Denali ones especially also. Thaks.