Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Errand Day

Today was one of those days where I feel like I wasted the whole day just running around. We took Aunt Ethel to her Dr. appointment, then spent several hours driving around town running errands. The one good thing, was Warren was doing the driving, so I was able to read while he drove. I'm reading a really interesting book called "Life Paint and Passion " by Michelle Cassou & Stewart Cubley. I'm excited because I'll be taking a workshop down in Homer, in October with Stewart, & the best part is I get nursing CEU's for it! Which means the union will pay for about 1/2 of it!

When we got home, I spent hours on the computer writing class descriptions & revising supply lists, & then sending them out to Coupville Arts where I will be teaching next April29-May 2, 2007. It happened as a fluke. I Wrote to inquire if they would consider letting me teach, & put either right before or right after Rayna Gillman, so I could offset the cost of taking her class by teaching my own, & they said YES! So I'll be seeing you next May Rayna! Whoo-hoo!

The ATC above is fron Jen at Bayou Quilts, & the one below is from Margaret the Digital Gran. they were waiting for me when we collected all the mail that came while we were in Seattle. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely welcome home gift! Below are 3 pieces of fabric that I mixed with some rusty pieces of metal & some vinegar, Zipped them in a plastic bag, & forgot about them for 2 weeks! The bits in the lower right of the picture are silk Shibori fabrics by Jane Steinberg from the Quilting Arts booth at APNQ . I got to meet editor Pokie Bolton's husband, she didn't come because she was heading to England for a show there. These little bits of silk, & a dichroic glass bead are the only things I bought from my trip. I'll try to post pictures from the shows in the a.m. Right now it's already after midnight, & the Dish Network guys will be here at 9 a.m. to get us into the 21st century! I'll be able to watch H&G TV! & Warren will watch ESPN. I put the old TV from the living room in my studio along with the other 5 disk DVD player so I'll always have entertainment while I'm playing at my artwork!


joyce said...

THe rust dyed fabric looks great. Do you know if it works on cotton as well? I may have to give that a try.

jenclair said...

Glad you liked the ATC; I loved yours. The one by Digital Gran looks exactly like what I'd expect, beautifully Celtic!

I must try rusting fabric...yours look great!

Sande said...

Okay, I'm inspired. My husbands metal stash isn't safe anymore!
I love the colors and textures the rust make. I suppose it's permanently stained.

Kay said...

Don't know which to admire first. Both ATC's are wonderful, and the rusted fabric is great also. Hm, we've got lots of rusty stuff here; I also have pieces of Japanese silk I've been thinking about getting out. What an inspiring blog. Glad you're back!

MargaretR said...

Glad you like the ATC. As you know i loved yours. I have been saving rusty stuff for months now, just not sure how to go about it?