Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blog Experiment & APNQ

Here are some of the quilts from the APNQ show. Just a sampling of some I admired.
You my notice a change in my Blog page here. I had noticed that other blogs I've been reading weren't as limited in the number of photos per post, that mine are. I had only ever been able to post 5 photos max. in 1 posting. This has 8. I changed templates from "thisaway Rose" to "Minima". 9 seems to be the max on this one,(I deleted 1, then tried to replace it, after typing the text, & wasn't allowed to add another. So I learned something else here too). There is another template out there that I've counted up to 40 on one posting. I'll be trying to figure out what it is, but for now, I'll stay with this, as I've wasted about 2 hours setting this up.

I'm afraid I didn't keep track of who made what here,but I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

This one I remember, was the best small quilt, & was made by Heidi Lund. I got to know Heidi 2 years ago at APNQ when we were on the same "Take Down" team together. Her work is wonderful.

This is also Heidi's. This is the 2nd consecutive show that she's won "Best Wearible", which means with these 2 awards, she has won 3 different sewing machines in the past 2 years!

Way to go Heidi!
Sorry for the shadow, I have a new camera & am just learning how to use it!

These quilts below, were from a special antique quilt exhibit, in a separate building. My

Mizpah 2, & Just Peachy Bowl were displayed here too, although I didn't think to take pictures. Duh-uh.....


Granny Fran said...

How in the world does Heidi Lund make those three dimensional shapes on her gorgeous quilt?

I love rusty pieces of metal and am crazy about your rusted fabrics. Must try some.

Helen Suzanne said...

ah I never realised that it was the blog style that dictated the number of photo's, thanks :)

really love your lilac textured piece

joyce said...

We may be going through Seattle next week some time. I am really sorry I missed that show. SHould have planned better.

Rian said...

Thanks for the eye candy. Heidi Lund is AWESOME!!