Thursday, July 06, 2006

$th of July Anniversary Dinner

This restaurant is one of the best kept secrets in Anchorage. It was built just this past year, & business hasn't picked up yet, but we love this place. It's The Bridge. Built right over Ship Creek, in downtown Anchorage, the bridge above it is highway into downtown.
We were the 1st to get seated for dinner. We chose to come here to celebrate out 16th anniversary. The food is excellant. Beautiful to look at as well as eat.
This picture was shot through the window by our table. They fish for king salmon out there in the creek.


Rian said...

Nice place! I checked out the menu; very creative. When we were in Anchorage we ate lunch at the restaurant inside the museum. It was very nice--if you've never eaten there, give it a try. Jim's cousin used to be one of the curators there. (She works for the state of Alaska now.)

Lei Lei said...

Take me there Aunt Bee!!

Aaron's_Mommy said...

Looks like a great place!!! Maybe you both can take the 3 of us there!!!