Monday, July 31, 2006

Kenai River Bears

The link above is to a slide show made by a former student of my friend Margaret & her husband Nelson. It's the Kenai Peninsula Clarion newspaper web page. Scott is the head photographer for the paper. He got some unique bear shots while at the Kenai River watching the combat fishing.I don't think Scott was doing any fishing that time. Hope you enjoy it.

We're getting ready for our vacation. I made a simple top to wear, that will be loose & cool. I want to get a skirt made to go with it, but doubt I'll have enough time between now & then, as I have to work the next 3 days.


Kim said...

They are magnificent creatures Great shots and nice showing. Thanks.

Melodie said...

It really worries me when the kids talk about camping by the river! Especially after 'Alaskan Bear Tales' and the guy from CA that spent so much time studying them in their habitat... only to be killed by them.