Saturday, November 13, 2010

Embossing Fabric

xm 002 

Every year my Calendar Girls group decorates a table at our ALCQ Quilt guild Christmas party. This year we are doing a calendar theme. Each place setting will be a different holiday. I know I had some shamrock fabric for St. Patty’s day, but either gave it away, or just can’t find it. So this is my solution. I took the green fabric with tiny gold dots,

xm 003

carved my own shamrock rubber stamp, then used Aleen’s “It’s OK To Wash it” glue, & stamped on the fabric.

xm 005

Sprinkled on embossing powder…shaking the excess off, on to a sheet that can be used to poor it back into its container.

xm 006

Using a heat gun, I melted the embossing powder.

xm 007

Now I have shamrock fabric!

xm 004

I also just HAD to have this crazy pink feathered tree today! I bought it at Michael’s.

xm 011


Delighted Hands said...

Very cool fabric-I embossed or maybe a better word would be stamped velvet once-fun to embellish fabric. The pink feather 'tree' is a bit over the top. What are your plans for it?!

jenclair said...

I really like the embossed shamrock fabric! Love the texture it adds.

sophie said...

What a clever girl you are to find a way to "grow" shamrocks in November ;-)

I could not help but look at the feather tree and wonder how long it would last at my house because it looks WAY too much like a cat toy.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Too clever the embossed shamrock fabric!
Not to sure about the feather tree, but I'm sure your mind has a great idea for it and I'll be jealous.

Michelle Auer said...

I've always been curious about embossing. Do you think I could emboss a canvas that has been painted on?